"Revenge is Sweet, and I Love My Sweets"
Season Survivor: India - Reincarnation Island
Episode Number 1/13
Episode Chronology
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This is the first episode of Survivor: India - Reincarnation Island, written by A2479.


Immunity Challenge: Draggin' The Dragon
Each tribe would push a cart through an obstacle course. At each tower, they would retrieve a key. The key would be used to unlock a chest. They would then put the chest on the cart and continue on. Once they have collected all three chests, they must then take the cart apart, slide it through a barricade, put it back together, and make their way to the end. Two tribe members would then use the pieces inside the chest to assemble a giant dragon puzzle. The first two tribes to finish win.
Winner: Hara.
Reward: Flint


Day 1Edit

Jeff Probst We are currently sailing across one of the most elegant bodies of water on the planet, The Indian Ocean. The ocean borders our destination for the next 39 days, India. One of the most unique countries in existence, it holds a variety of different biomes including deserts, tundra, and jungles. It is also home to thousands of species of some of the most gorgeous yet dangerous flora and fauna in the world and many of its citizens practice Hinduism and Buddhism, two religions that have beliefs of reincarnation and karma. This is where 18 americans have traveled to to compete in the adventure of a lifetime. They will have to face our newest twist: Reincarnation Island!”

A few shots of India, its inhabitants and wildlife, are shown while Jeff Probst is speaking. Then, the camera zooms on the boat where the eighteen castaways are standing. They are at the front of the boat, already divided by tribes, some of them are sitting down and others are standing up.

Jeff Probst They already have been divided by tribes. The Shakti tribe, in orange.”

A shot of the six castaways of the Shakti tribe is shown, with the camera zooming on a young girl's face, who is looking at the water and landings.

SamiIndiaRI I don’t really want to be a target for the first half of the game, so I'll just sit back and let the others do all the work. Maybe I’ll start switching things up once I make it to the merge. So I’m gonna be sitting back in the audience, tipping people off onto what I want them to do, kind of like the mastermind behind the computer. (smirks)”

The camera moves and focuses on the young man with a yellow sweat, who is staring at his tribe mates.

BryceIndiaRI I am the biggest Survivor fan ever! A super-duper fan, one might even say. I am not going to be one to shy away from big moves - that's what Survivor is all about. These castaways all better watch out!”

The camera then shows the six castaways wearing white buffs.

Jeff Probst The Aatma tribe, in white.”

The camera zooms on an older man with a pink mustache.

GrahameIndiaRI I run my own business, which believe it or not takes a lot of thinkin' to keep runnin'. I take pride in my intellectual abilities, I mean, I solve sudoku so I must be smart, right? (chuckles) I think a lot of people are gonna underestimate me and that's perfectly fine. They just won't see me comin' when I stab them all in the back and take the million dollars for myself (grins).”

The camera then changes focus as we can see a shot of an Asian woman.

HannaIndiaRI Coming into this game, I just wanna win. I will have no regrets betraying or blindsiding someone as long as it gets me further. I have no emotion, but I’m not a sociopath, because I can get angry if you don’t follow my orders. So, rebels, watch out!”

The camera shows us now the six castaways with green buffs.

Jeff Probst The Hara tribe, in green.”

The camera focuses on the oldest lady of the tribe.

DanielleIndiaRI I am the winner of Survivor: India. That's what my therapist tells me to say; she says it'll inspire me to be my best self. I swear, she acts so high and mighty, like she knows more than me about myself. Plus she's probably cheating with my husband. Oh well. I'm a Cancer, my favorite color is green, I despise whales, and sometimes I like to lay on the ground at random places throughout my neighborhood and see how long it takes for someone to notice. (laughs)”

The camera then zooms to the young woman sitting next to Danielle.

AishiaIndiaRI Going into this game, I really would like to play calm, loyal, and trustworthy. I don't like betraying anyone. I hope everyone sees that and takes advantage of me. I'd loved to be used as a number. Under the radar, not the one making moves or dictating.”

Then, all the castaways stand up and go on their respective mats. Jeff Probst comes to greet them.

Jeff Probst: Welcome to Survivor: India!

The tribes clap hands.

Jeff Probst: You guys will face our newest twist, Reincarnation Island! (Some castaways raise their eyebrows.) Each round, only one tribe will win immunity and the other two will go to Tribal Council to vote someone out. The two person voted out will go to Reincarnation Island, where they will fight in the Duel of Destiny. The loser of the Duel will be eliminated while the winner will directly re-enter the game and join one of the tribes that didn't vote them out.

The castaways all seem surprised and excited about this new twist.

Jeff Probst: To help the winners of the Duels of Destiny to choose which tribe to join, all of you will live on the same beach.

The castaways seem even more surprised, and the camera zooms on the face of a young man in the Shakti tribe.

CalebIndiaRI I'm so excited! This whole thing is a dream come true! I'm so ready for this experience. The One World twist is also something to keep my eye on. It's easy to make alliances for the merge early in the game. But we still need to keep a sharp eye on our own tribe. ”

Jeff Probst: When I'll ring this bell, you will all run to the higher level of this boat, take anything you can, untie your raft and go directly to your camp. The first tribe who will get to the island will win an advantage in the first immunity challenge.

Some castaways nod while others grin at the possibility of an advantage.

Jeff Probst: Survivors ready? Go! (rings the bell)

All the castaways run to the higher floor except Melissa who unties her tribe's raft and jumps on it.

MelIndiaRI I'm a really honest person, and I know honesty is not what everyone has on Survivor, but I'm here to bring it. I'm not a liar or whatever, and if you ever screw me, you better not talk to me again.”

The camera then shows us the higher floor of the boat, where the castaways are throwing some shelter-building material, coconuts, bananas and fishing traps over the boat and on their rafts. Some people are chasing after chickens, an African-American woman with a white buff is trying to grab one by the feet, but is pushed away by other contestants. The camera focuses on her angry face.

TamsynIndiaRI While I was trying to catch the chicken, some bigger guys were trying to push me out of the way! But I'm a fighter and if it happens again, I'mma fight back! (nods)”

Now, all the rafts are untied and the castaways are starting to jump overboard. A black-haired man with a green buff is seen jumping in the water.

TylerIndiaRI I'm a fan of this game, and I want to do what every good players do, like making big moves, finding idols and win challenges. The marooning is the first step of a good Survivor journey, and I'm ready to go all the way to the end. (grins)”

All the castaways are now on their rafts, and are beginning to paddle to the camp. On the boat, Jeff Probst looks at the camera and says his famous phrase.

Jeff Probst: 39 DAYS, 18 PEOPLE, 1 SURVIVOR!!!

The intro then plays.

One World Camp Edit

A shot of an indian beach and the future camp of the castaways is displayed, the camera then shows the Hara raft arriving at the beach. The tribe members get off the raft, scream in happiness and hug, glad that they won an advantage in the first immunity challenge. The camera focuses on a young man with a black jacket.

DylanIndiaRI Well, looks like we finally arrived at camp after what seemed hours of paddling, and we won the advantage which is awesome! We found out it is One World, so we will all be staying at the same camp. ”

The camera moves and we can see the two other tribes arriving and getting off their rafts. They all congratulate the Hara tribe and hug each other. The eighteen castaways are then all standing on the beach. The camera zooms in on an African-American man.

TimmyIndiaRI It’s definitely weird to have eighteen people at camp. Normally, there’s like one camp by tribe, but we all have the same camp in here! (chuckles) Each tribe is still gonna have their own shelters, to keep the Survivor mentality.”

The castaways agree to have one shelter by tribe, relatively close to each other, to let people to talk to anyone they want. The camera then shows all the castaways going to work. A few shots of the castaways cutting bamboo, carrying firewood and weaving palm fronds are shown. The camera focuses on the group weaving palm fronds.

We can see Sami and a young blonde woman with a Shakti buff working together.

Dreamer: So, what’s your name?

Sami: Sami, how about you?

Dreamer looks a bit surprised and annoyed.

DreamorIndiaRI When I arrived on this island, Sami kinda seemed familiar, but when she told me her name, I knew it was her. We were both in the same high school, and she beat me at the annual school talent contest! I was so angry because I was clearly better than her! Now, I’m angry because she’s here. (groans)”

Dreamer: I’m Dreamer, remember me?

Sami (looking confused): What?

Dreamer: We were in high school together.

Sami is shown thinking about it, then suddenly she remembers.

Sami: Oh, yeah, Dreamer! (giggles) Do you hate me?

Dreamer (faking): No, I don’t.

DreamorIndiaRI Sami is actually right, I do hate her, in fact, I hope she is voted off first, she is so annoying! I will promise you this, RIP Sami, the girl who will fail this! (smirks)”

Dreamer then walks away while Sami shakes her head and sighs.

SamiIndiaRI I don’t know if I made things awkward between Dreamer and I, and I’m super annoyed that she’s on my tribe, because Dreamer is definitely not a dreamer, she’s a hater, and she hates on me since that frickin’ talent contest! I don’t know if I want to work with her or not, I’ll have to get a vibe from her. But with her, it’s certainly dangerous, because her social quality is one of the most dangerous things about her. She acts like she’s your friend but she’s like a shark, waiting to tear out your heart and your dreams. I think my best shot is to just screw her over before she does any damage, but I’m still waiting for those vibes just in case there’s a chance that she’ll work with me. ”

The camera then changes focus and shows a young woman wearing a hat and a Hara buff standing in the middle of the camp, not knowing what to do and being pretty nervous.

EmileeIndiaRi Being out here is so amazing, just looking around at all the wildlife… I’m in awe. But, at the same time, I’m just so nervous, I can’t help but be overwhelmed! I started thinking about my family and how much I missed them, and soon enough I just got caught up in it all, and I had to just go and sit out by the beach and try to relax myself. I didn’t think that this would be so hard on me, but we’re only a few hours in and already, I’m freaking out! We have a whole 39 days to go, and it’s so nerve-wracking to think about how I’m gonna survive out here, especially with leaving my family back home…”

Emilee is seen sitting by the beach, alone. The camera shows us Aishia approaching her.

Aishia: Hey there!

Emilee (surprised): Oh, hey!

Aishia (sitting down): How are you doing?

Emilee: I'm doing great, thank you! Although, it's pretty scary being out here.

Aishia: Yes, I feel the same way. After Jeff announced the twists for this season, I was flabbergasted. This season will be intense, I can tell.

Emilee: It's making me nervous just thinking about it! Jeff isn’t gonna give us a break.

Aishia: Regardless, I'm ecstatic for this season.

Emilee: I know, it's gonna be such an amazing experience! Gosh, I need to stop focusing on everything scary out here and just have fun with it! It's just nerve-wracking being out in the wilderness like this, I don't really know what to think!

Aishia (putting her hand on Emilee’s shoulder): Don’t sweat it!

Emilee: Sorry if I'm, like, killing your vibe here.

Aishia: Oh, no problem! We are all a little nervous on this first day, but once you’re rattled, you whip back into shape and are ready to go again.

Emilee: I hope that's the case with me, I don't want to be having a #SurvivorBreakdown on Day 1 or something!

Aishia is seen laughing.

EmileeIndiaRi Aishia kind of startled me when she came up to talk to me. I was really nervous and I wasn’t really in a good place to have a conversation, and I just started spilling my guts about all my fears. I felt bad, Aishia was so excited to start the season and I thought I was ruining her time, but she was really understanding.”

Emilee: Thanks so much for talking with me, Aishia. (smiles) I needed a friend out here.

Aishia: Oh my gosh, you too Emilee. We definitely need to speak again sometime, this experience is hard and we both know it, and I'd love to have someone to experience it with!

Emilee: I'd love that!

EmileeIndiaRi I might be jumping the gun here, I dunno, but I really trust Aishia. She and I clicked right away, and it’s really rare that I connect with someone like that right off the bat. I’m usually a nervous wreck when it comes to talking with others, but with Aishia, it just felt natural. I came in wanting to find my one true person, and I’m thinking that they might be Aishia. I can’t be too sure, of course, she could easily be playing me, but she seemed genuine, so I hope we can go far together. ”

The both of them are seen walking back with the camera focusing on Aishia’s face.

AishiaIndiaRI I really get along with Emilee, and we have a good duo. I really love it. She's someone who I'd love to go far and deep with. I hope she feels the same way about me. I realize I am a huge threat to take far, so they'd be smart to get me out. But hopefully my gameplay will get rid of that. I'd love to make everyone believe I'm not a great strategist like I truly am. I know that sounds really cocky, I'm not a great gameplayer, but I do have a lot of strategy, which is not to be discovered. I'm definitely not the smartest out here on this island, but playing dumb will get me a lot further than showing off my brains.”

The camera then shows us the Hara tribe working together on their shelter. A few shots of Danielle talking about conspiracies are displayed.

Danielle: You know, there's interesting theories that the government's got mind-controlling things in those phones, it's fascinating to look into.

Emilee (frowning): The government has phone viruses?

Danielle: Probably not, but you never know!

Emilee laughs, amused.

EmileeIndiaRi Danielle is really... odd. Zany. That’s a good word for it. I like her though, and we’re both sort of in the same boat, what with us being not very outdoorsy; plus, I’ll admit, as weird as they are, I really want to hear about those conspiracies! (laughs)”

Danielle is now seen talking with Sami.

Danielle: Just don't trust what you hear - the moon landing was faked! The illuminati started World War I!

Sami (confused): Huh?

Danielle: Oh no, they've already gotten to you!

Sami giggles, even though she’s still a bit lost.

SamiIndiaRI Danielle is totally rad! We get along so well, and I heard she liked conspiracy theories, which I know nothing about, but it seems like she’s a pretty zen person, and I love zen! It looks like I have an alliance brewing. (smirks)”

Another shot of Danielle talking is shown before her confessional is played.

DanielleIndiaRI I want to act honest in this game, because I think that people will only trust you if you've proven your trust to them...or they like you, so I'll be super social too. I think my biggest strength will be identifying what people value and playing to that. So if one person is super strategic and paranoid and needs me as a calming force while someone else is super laid back and I can just chat about life with them, I'm happy to play those different roles with them. The main thing I think about in all my conversations out here is "How will what I say improve my likability/trustworthiness with them?" I mean, it's not like I won't be strategic, and if you lie to me, I have no reserves lying back to you because it's clear you don't value honesty in this game. But I don't want to be the stereotypical "Oh, I've gotta lie, cheat, and steal to win this game" girl because I want to challenge myself to win in a more unique way. So yeah, here's a shot at nothing. (sighs) Gosh, it'll be a long road without some good old beer at my side.”

We can then see Danielle and Grahame walking in the forest, when they finally arrive to the water well.

Danielle: We’re finally there! (stumbles)

Grahame: Oh my, are ya’ okay?

Danielle: Oh yeah, I get dizzy a lot.  Tasty food, getting tickled, just the normal stuff! All of it gets me feeling woozy. (laughs)

GrahameIndiaRI My strategy for the early game is to just talk to as many people as I possibly can so that I'm covered from all bases. With the One World twist 'n' all, there's a lot more people for me to look to for allies. There's probably goin' to be a tribe swap at some stage, so makin' connections to other tribe is goin' to be crucial for me. I just hope that people don't think I'm playin' too hard.”

Grahame (laughing): You definitely seem to be quite the interestin' type if I do say so myself.

Danielle: Oh, thank you!  I take pride in my quirkiness almost as much as I do in my conspiracy theories, and that says something.

Grahame: Conspiracy theories? As in what exactly?

Danielle: Oh, they're a hobby of mine.  Like that the government created AIDS or that the moon landing was faked.  Sure, you could just say "Um, that makes no sense and it's obviously not real", but isn't it cooler to live in a world where there's a secret society or something plotting the destruction of the world and you're one of the only people who knows about it?

Grahame: Wow, fascinatin'! I have a conspiracy theory of my own if you wouldn't mind hearin' it.

Danielle: I love hearing new ones, go ahead!

Grahame: Well, in my opinion, if us oddballs don't look out for each other, we're gonna be easy pickin's for the younger ones. I don't wanna be the one to get ahead of myself but I think the two of us would make a great duo. What d'ya say?

Danielle: That theory sounds like something I'd believe even if it wasn't a conspiracy! (smiles) I'd love to make a great duo, especially since we're on different tribes, we could be spies for each other!  And it's always been my dream to be a secret agent ever since I married one.

Grahame (chuckling): Sounds like a plan. I can't wait to work together.

Danielle (sticking out hand to shake): Let's show those kids who's boss!

Grahame (shaking hand): Agreed. (smiles)

GrahameIndiaRI Danielle and I decided to form somewhat of a cross-tribe alliance which I think could certainly help our games. Both of us can collect information from our own tribes and report back, givin' us both a huge advantage over the others (grins). She's definitely a unique lady, but that's what I like most about her. I think us two could definitely run the season and I can't wait to see where this takes us.”

The scene then changes to Hanna and Grahame working on the Aatma shelter.

Grahame: So, tell me a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? What do you do? (smiles)

Hanna: I am a fashion stylist from California. I am 31. I really like your mustache, by the way.

Grahame: Thank you, I take a lot of pride in it. Had it for 3 and a half years now! (chuckles)

Hanna (straight to the point): I think we could control this tribe together, they seem pretty naive and we could be an unexpected duo.

Grahame: Wow, I didn't expect you to offer an alliance so soon, but I'm all for it. I agree, I don't think many people would see us comin'.

Hanna: The sooner the better, right? Well, that's a deal right there. (offers hand to shake)

Grahame (shakes hand firmly then shows other hand): And don't worry, I ain't crossin' any fingers. (chuckles)

Hanna: That's good, I hate liars. (vaguely smiles)

HannaIndiaRI I already have Grahame under control. Now I just need to have the other four and I’ll be running my tribe! (smirks)”

We can now see Tamsyn and Hanna on their way to the water well.

Hanna: As the only girls of Aatma, I think we should work together.

Tamsyn: That sounds like a really cool idea! I think we would make a great team.

Hanna: I think so too. I already talked to Grahame and, even though he has a weird mustache, he seems like a good ally too.

Tamsyn: He seems like a great guy, maybe us three could form an alliance?

Hanna: We should. We’re the stronger three.

Tamsyn (grinning): Yes! That was exactly my train of thought, also.

HannaIndiaRI I made an alliance with Tamsyn and we’re gonna rally Grahame in. I’m in control of my tribe, I’m sure I was gonna make it but it still feels good. (smirks)”

The camera then changes focus and shows Bryce, Dreamer and Sami in the forest.

Bryce: I really think this seems like a good group! Early alliance?

Sami (faking): Sure, I’m all for it!

SamiIndiaRI I am super frustrated right now! Bryce the Idiot decides that he wants to put both Dreamer and I in an alliance. Together. The both of us. By chance. (rolls eyes) It seems like everything that goes on with Dreamer has me involved with it! I really don’t like this. I’m debating telling Bryce about Dreamer’s past. I’m not sure yet, I’m not sure if he’d screw my game over. I need to get more vibes from him, because right now the only thing I know about him is that he radiates idiocy! ”

Bryce: I also got a good feeling from Gregory, I think we should bring him in.

Dreamer (unenthusiastically): Okay…

BryceIndiaRI I approached Sami and Dreamer about the idea of an alliance - they seem naive and trusting. What else do you want in alliance-mates? (smirks) Sami seems really enthusiastic and into it, which I'm quite glad about. She seems like a great gal so I know it'll be fun to play with her in this game. But Dreamer...oh Dreamer. I can tell that chick isn't into it. Like, really sweetie? You couldn't hide your unenthusiastic attitude any better than saying "Okay"? I know she's not into it and I know that as of now I probably can't trust Dreamer. She needs to go, so I need to build a relationship with Caleb to get numbers.”

The camera now shows the two men speaking on the beach.

Caleb: What're your thoughts on the tribe so far?

Bryce: They seem like nice people. I got good vibes from Sami but not from Dreamer. If we end up having to go to tribal, I wouldn't be opposed to getting her out of here.

Caleb (nodding): Fair.

CalebIndiaRI So, at the moment, I'm building bridges with my tribemates. I definitely need to keep up my social gameplay right now. It's the most important part of the early game.”

The camera is now showing Dreamer and Caleb talking in the woods.

Dreamer: Have you spoken to anyone else on our tribe?

Caleb: Everyone. I think you rubbed Bryce the wrong way.

Dreamer (surprised): Why?

Caleb: I don’t know. He said that he had good vibes from Sami, but not you.

Dreamer looks around to see if anyone’s near them. When she gets confirmation that they’re alone, she spills the truth to Caleb.

Dreamer: He made an alliance with me and Sami, and he wants Gregory in it too, so that means if we go to Tribal, you and Melissa will be targets.

Caleb (shocked): Okay, wow. Thanks for telling me.

DreamorIndiaRI I obviously didn’t want to be in an alliance with Sami, so I told everything to Caleb! I have a feeling I can manipulate Caleb, I'm smart, and I can control anyone I want to control, mainly because I'm a genius. Now, it’s two votes for sure against Sami next Tribal Council. (smirks)”

The camera zooms in on Caleb’s shocked face.

CalebIndiaRI So, word is that Bryce apparently has a four-person alliance? I’m shocked because I thought we were working together. Although, I don't know how authentic Dreamer is being, I'm going to take her word for it because she wants to be on my side. This is a war that he won't win.”

Day 2Edit

One World Camp Edit

The sun rises above the sea, as the castaways wake up for the first time. A shot of the Hara tribe still working on their shelter is shown, as the camera focuses on Danielle, Aishia and Timmy chatting and cutting bamboo.

Aishia: We have to make sure the other tribes don’t win tomorrow. (smiles)

Danielle (giggling): Agreed! I really do like our tribe, I think our personalities are just different enough that we can all mesh well together, so it’d be a shame to see one of us go.

Timmy nods and grins.

TimmyIndiaRI Right now, things are going pretty well in India for Hara, the tribe morale is high since we all pretty much click well. I hit it off immediately with Aishia and Danielle so as of right now, I think that I can trust them the most at the moment. When you start Survivor, you have to keep your relationships at a high because if you rush into making alliances left and right, you quickly lose the momentum and your allies could easily turn on you. With my social skills, I think I could set myself up for the long haul ‘cause I don't plan on going home anytime soon. (smiles)”

The scene then changes to Aishia and Tyler talking in the woods.

Tyler: You look like someone I can trust 110% percent, I would love to work with you going forward in this game and possibly all the way to the end.

Aishia: Yeah, that sounds great. (smiles) Who on our tribe do you think we would be good with?

Tyler: I got some good vibes from Danielle. Have you talked to anyone else or think someone else would be good with us?

Aishia: I've spoken with Emilee, I get along with her very well. (smiles)

TylerIndiaRI Going into this game, I knew I’d have to get into an alliance real quick, and I think I can trust the three girls on my tribe, mainly Aishia, so I think it would be a nice solid four. (grins)”

The two of them are seen first-bumping as the camera zooms in on Aishia’s face.

AishiaIndiaRI Tyler is initiating Emilee, him and I to work together, with potentially Danielle. I think I’d be up for it. I also have a good relationship with Timmy so my target would have to be Dylan come first Tribal. But with the new twist of Reincarnation Island, a lucky person may just be joining your tribe right after they're voted out. This is why it's good to have alliances with people on other tribes, so come they get voted out - they'll be joining you at your camp a day later.”

We can now see Aishia and Bryce carrying bamboos in the forest, as they start talking.

Bryce: So, what are your thoughts on creating an alliance together?

Aishia: I would be interested in that, yes. (smiles)

Bryce: I think we should take advantage of the One World twist and create a cross-tribal alliance, with some other people, possibly.

Aishia: Yes, taking advantage of that twist would be smart, especially with the off chance of cross-tribe members to join your tribe.

Bryce: I’ve talked to Sami and she seems sweet. I also got a really good vibe from Hanna.

Aishia (nodding): I like Emilee and I think she’d be in.

Bryce: Do you think it would be beneficial to be a "Fearsome Foursome" of sorts?

Aishia (chuckling): That's a good name to call it!

Bryce smiles.

BryceIndiaRI Aishia seems like a good ally that I'll be able to keep with me for a while. Hopefully she can be me ride-or-die. I brought up the idea of a cross-tribal alliance to her, which she loved. It was very straightforward; she had Emilee in her pocket and I had Hanna in mine. Bing, bang, boom we had a cross-tribal alliance going! The Fearsome Foursome. I love the name because it describes how we are going to rule this game with an iron fist. (smirks)”

The camera then shows Hanna and Bryce talking in the Shakti camp.

Bryce: Aishia and I have been talking and we think an alliance between the three of us and Emilee would be beneficial.

Hanna (nodding): They’re from Hara, so yeah we can do a three-tribes alliance.

Bryce: Yeah! I’ll try to rally Sami in.

Hanna: I’m in. I’ll talk to Grahame about it.

HannaIndiaRI I’m already in a cross-tribal alliance with Bryce, Aisha and Emilia or something. I’m not surprised because people are usually attracted to my glamorous aura. I’m in control of the three tribes, it’s obvious I’m gonna win now! (cackles)”

The scene then changes to Aishia and Emilee talking in the woods.

Aishia: So, Emilee, how do you feel about Bryce?

Emilee: I don't know! I've never talked to him.

Aishia: Well, he spoke with me this morning, saying it would be best if you and I paired with him and Hanna and created the "Fearsome Foursome". I just wanted to run this idea by you.

Emilee: I don't see a problem with it! Just sounds like we're making new friends, which I'm happy with. (smiles)

EmileeIndiaRi I’m really happy to be a part of the Fearsome Foursome! All I really needed to feel was some sort of security, and now that Aishia got me involved in an alliance, I feel so much more confident!”

The camera now shows Grahame and Hanna talking on the beach.

Hanna: Earlier, Aishia, Emilee and Bryce came to me wanting to do a cross-tribal alliance. I think it's a good idea and I want you in.

Grahame (a bit surprised): Well, I would be very much interested in joining. Thanks for the offer!

Hanna: Good, I think Bryce is gonna pull Sami in too.

Grahame (smiling): Sounds like a solid alliance to me.

GrahameIndiaRI So, by the looks of things, there's definitely a lot more goin' on behind my back than I was originally anticipatin' (chuckles). Basically, Hanna approached me about joinin' a six person cross-tribe alliance, which is great. However, I do have some reservations about this group. I was the last person to be invited in, which doesn't make me feel all that secure, plus I've barely spoken to any of these people. I'm not sayin' I'm gonna abandon the alliance completely, but I'm not puttin' all my eggs in the one basket.”

Night 2 Edit

One World Camp Edit

The moon rises in the dark sky, as the camera shows the Aatma tribe in their newly-built shelter, trying to sleep. Freddy is shown sitting on the edge of the shelter, speaking.

FreddyIndiaRI I’m a complete extrovert, and I’m really open to anything and Survivor’s a social game, so getting to know your tribe is needed. And I think nighttime is the perfect time for some tribal chit-chat!”

Freddy: Once, I saw a huge bear, and it scared the hell out of me so I pissed my pants! (laughs)

The other castaways are seen trying to sleep, but Freddy continues to speak.

Freddy: Also, I’ve already eaten bees accidentally, it was such a funny day! (giggles)

Tamsyn: Freddy, we’re really tired and we’d like to-

Freddy (cutting her off): Oh my God, this reminds of something, once, I was trying to sleep but my dad dressed as a clown kept me up all night!

Grahame is seen rolling his eyes.

Freddy: I’ve also tried to…

The volume is muted as Hanna decides to leave the shelter.

HannaIndiaRI Freddy is so annoying, I had to leave the shelter or else I would’ve snapped and he’d still be crying! I mean, doesn’t he know that Survivor’s a social game and keeping your tribemates awake is NOT a good thing to do? (rolls eyes) I want him gone, and I control everyone on this tribe, so they’ll all want him gone too, just watch. (smirks)”

Day 3Edit

One World Camp Edit

As the sun rises on the third day of Survivor: India, Gregory and Bryce are seen sitting in Shakti’s shelter;

Bryce: Would you have any problem with voting Dreamer off?

Gregory: Not at all. As long as it’s not me!

GregoryIndiaRI If we go to Tribal Council, it looks like the target will be on Dreamer’s back. Bryce has been campaigning hard against her, and I don’t think anyone wants to make waves and go against it.”

Melissa and Bryce are seen working towards Tree Mail.

Bryce: How’d you sleep? (smiles)

Melissa: Not good and you?

Bryce: Same, I guess bamboo isn’t my thing. (chuckles) By the way, if we end up having to go to tribal council, the plan is to blindside Dreamer. I like you and I want you to stay in the loop.

Melissa: Thanks for letting me know! No one else has said anything to me.

Bryce (lying): Yeah. Caleb actually told me that he didn't like you and wanted you out.

Melissa (surprised): What?

Bryce (insisting): That's what he said! Maybe he's someone that can't be trusted.

Melissa (rolling her eyes): Some people are so judgemental.

Bryce: They really are! (chuckles)

MelIndiaRI Apparently, Caleb has something against me but I barely talked to him! I can’t stand judgemental people and I think he definitely needs to go.”

Bryce is seen smirking a bit.

BryceIndiaRI If we go to Tribal, I do think I have Gregory and Melissa's votes locked down. I told Mel that Caleb said he wanted her out, which was a blatant lie. Then I told her about my plan to blindside Dreamer and that she would probably be voted out if she didn't vote for Dreamer. Not to sound cocky, but if I want Dreamer to go, I can make it so Dreamer leaves. (smirks)”

The scene then changes to Bryce and Sami talking in the woods.

Sami: To be honest with you, I’m a little worried about Dreamer, she seems distant from me. Like, no matter how hard I try, I get a bad vibe from her. I don’t know if the alliance between us three will work. (frowns)

Bryce (smiling): Sami, I've been feeling the same exact way about Dreamer! I don't think we can't trust her. If we end up going to tribal, I actually have Gregory and Melissa on board to blindside her if you're okay with it.

Sami (grinning): Oh my God, that’s great!

BryceIndiaRI It is so relieving that Sami is having the same concerns about Dreamer that I am. Hopefully she, Melissa, Gregory and I can vote for Dreamer, and everything will go smoothly.”

Sami and Bryce are shown hugging, as the camera zooms in Sami’s face.

SamiIndiaRI So, when I told Bryce that I wanted Dreamer out and he agreed, and told me he had already gotten a group together, I was like, “Um, what the heck are you doing? You didn’t include me in this at first?”, but it was also a good thing because I’m finally in a solid alliance. And it’s a solid alliance that wants to get my biggest enemy out! But, poor Bryce doesn’t understand the mistake he made when he didn’t include me originally. I’ll be making many side alliances now, and when I want Bryce to go, he’ll go, because revenge is sweet and I love my sweets! (smirks)”

Immunity Challenge Edit

  • Hara Advantage: Only two keys to get.
  • All the tribes are even at the start, until Nick struggle at getting the keys putting Aatma behind.
  • At the puzzle, Danielle and Aishia do a great job, but Bryce has to do the puzzle alone as Gregory is too confused by it, allowing Danielle and Aishia to work faster and getting the win for their tribe.


The Hara tribe is seen celebrating as the other two are disappointed. Probst gives Hara the flint then send the three tribes back to camp.

One World Camp Edit

We can see the Aatma tribe coming back to their shelter, all wearing a disappointed look, as the camera focuses on Nick’s face.

NickIndiaRI I completely sucked in today’s challenge, and I think I’m a big reason why we’re going to Tribal Council tonight. I’m scared my tribemates will vote me off but hopefully they got more annoyed by Freddy’s behavior because I’m gonna vote for him.”

The camera now shows Tamsyn, Hanna and Grahame at the well.

Tamsyn: So, what do y’all think for Tribal?

Hanna: It has to be Nick. He cost us the win today, we don’t need dead weight.

HannaIndiaRI Originally, I wanted Freddy gone but I’m gonna vote for Nick tonight because he was completely useless in the challenge today. I think it’s guaranteed the whole tribe is gonna vote for him and I can’t wait to see him lose the Duel of Destiny tomorrow. (smirks)”

Grahame: I know Nick was bad today, but Freddy kept me awake all night and I can’t stand him.

Hanna: Freddy’s really annoying but we need him for challenges right now.

Tamsyn: To be honest, both of them going would be great. (snickers)

TamsynIndiaRI Well, we lost immunity, surprise, surprise. (rolls eyes) And it's all down to Nicholas or Freddy really. Nick under-performed in the challenge and him going would be for the betterment of the tribe. On the other hand, Freddy going would be good because I’m sure actually sleeping would help us greatly in challenges! (chuckles)”

The view now switches to Bryce, Gregory, Melissa and Sami talking in the woods.

Bryce: So, Sami and I were thinking we should blindside Dreamer tonight.

Sami: Yeah, we just feel like we can’t trust her, what do you guys think?

Gregory: I’m all for it.

Melissa: I’m fine with that, but I heard Caleb was coming after me for no reason.

Sami: Caleb? He hasn’t said anything to me.

Melissa: I don’t know. I’m good working with you three and am happy to see either of them going.

Bryce nods.

BryceIndiaRI Everything is working out perfectly for me! We lost the challenge, but that's not too big of a deal. I definitely have Melissa, Gregory, and Sami's votes locked down to blindside Dreamer. The best thing is that none of them are going to blame me for the move! I'm pretty sure that tonight, it's time to crush Dreamer's dreams!”

We can now see Dreamer and Caleb sitting on the beach.

Dreamer: It’s Sami, tonight, right?

Caleb: I think it has to be Gregory, he was awful in the challenge today!

Dreamer (annoyed): Oh my God, really?

Caleb: Yeah, and we need Sami’s vote to get the majority.

CalebIndiaRI At the moment, Dreamer and I are leaning towards Gregory. I mean, Gregory seems nice, but he just doesn't speak much or perform well. Pull your weight or get out dude! But we need two more votes so I figured we should make an alliance with Sami.”

Caleb is now seen talking with Dreamer and Sami in the woods.

Caleb: I really like you two and I think we would be a great alliance, what do you think?

The two girls seem annoyed but reluctantly agree.

SamiIndiaRI (angry) Why are people in this game such idiots?! (rolls eyes) Stupid, stupid, stupid! I don’t wanna work with Dreamer! Why does everyone always want to be in an alliance with me and Dreamer together?! I’m done with it!”

Sami: So, what’s the plan?

Caleb: I'm leaning towards Gregory. He sucked in the challenge and barely talked to me since the beginning.

Sami: Agreed, we get along well, but he's not good in challenges.

SamiIndiaRI Even though I don’t want to work with Dreamer, Gregory going would be smart since he’s not good at challenges and he’s close to Bryce, who I’m planning to blindside later on. The problem is we only have three, and I don’t see Melissa flipping so my only option would be to sway Bryce. (frowns)”

As the castaways pack up to go to Tribal Council, Sami and Bryce are seen having a last-minute chat on the beach.

Sami: Look, as much as I don’t trust Dreamer, I think we need her in challenges.

Bryce seems surprised but lets Sami speak.

Sami: Gregory’s weaker than her and maybe him going would be best.

Bryce (skeptical): I see what you mean but Gregory would be more loyal than Dreamer.

Sami: I agree, but isn’t it too early to think about alliances and crap?

Bryce bites his lip, unsure.

BryceIndiaRI Sami may be right. I don’t trust Dreamer for a second but we need her for challenges, unlike Gregory who cost us the win today. At the same time, I don’t want to lose guaranteed loyalty in Greg to an untrustworthy person in Dreamer. Also, I’m trying to cultivate a relationship with Caleb, and if I vote out Dreamer who he’s really close to, I’m afraid that bond will be broken. This is a hard choice, but that’s what I signed up for after all! (chuckles) This is what I love about Survivor, it’s never too easy. (smiles)”

Tribal Council 1 Edit

The Aatma tribes walks in and lit their torches up. They then sit down and face Jeff Probst.

Probst: Aatma, welcome to Tribal Council. Hanna, have any alliances formed on the tribe?

Hanna: Obviously they have! We’re in Survivor, not on a free holiday.

The camera shows Tamsyn and Grahame.

Probst: How are they going to impact the vote tonight?

Hanna: They’re not going to impact this vote because one person in particular has got to go.

Nick is shown being nervous as Freddy remains calm.

Probst: Miles, are you worried it could be you tonight?

Miles: It could be me tonight. I don’t know if I’ve connected enough with my tribemates. I hope you guys can spare me! (nervously chuckles)

Grahame smiles at this response.

Probst: Tamsyn, you guys were doing pretty well at the start of the challenge, but you fell way behind! Do you think you can recover from this?

Tamsyn: We can recover, definitely. We had someone dragging us down which didn't help us, but I think after this vote we'll stand more of a chance moving forward.

Nick bites his lip, as Probst turns his attention to him.

Probst: Nick, how do you feel about tonight’s vote?

Nick: I’m nervous, for sure. I think I’m the “someone” Tamsyn’s talking about (Tamsyn snickers) so it’s definitely stressful.

Probst: What about you Freddy?

Freddy: I feel confident. The tribe gets along well and I think I’m really liked. (smiles)

Hanna rolls her eyes as Tamsyn tries to hide a giggle.

Probst: Grahame, what do you think the tribe will be basing the vote on tonight?

Grahame: I think the vote comes down to who ain't performin' well in the challenge and who just isn't connectin' with the tribe. We need as strong and as unified of a tribe as possible movin' forward.

The other tribe members nod in agreement.

Probst: Alright, it is time to vote. Miles, you’re up.

Shots of Nick writing Freddy’s name down, and vice versa, are shown.

Probst: I’ll go tally the votes.

Tamsyn and Grahame look at each other, confident of the choice they made.

Probst: If someone has an Hidden Immunity Idol and would like to play, now would be the time to do so.

No one stands.

Probst: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I will read the votes.

First vote:


Nick nods, expecting to get votes.

FREDDY (1-1)

Freddy seems surprised, but shrugs it off.

NICK (2-1)

Nick bites his lips, while Hanna smirks.

NICK (3-1)

Nick starts to take his bag, as Grahame looks straight at Probst.

First person voted out of Survivor: India - Reincarnation Island… Nick.

Nick sighs, as he grabs his stuff, while Freddy’s grinning.

Probst: That’s four, that’s enough. You need to bring me your torch.

Grahame nods, as he’s confident of his decision while Hanna seems pleased with the vote off.

Probst: Nick, the tribe has spoken. Take your torch and head to Reincarnation Island.

Nick walks out of Tribal Council, disappointed.

Probst: Well, tonight, you unanimously eliminated someone who you felt was dragging down your tribe. The question is, will this new-found unity help you guys come back from this bleak start to the season?

Tamsyn nods, having an hopeful smile.

Probst: The positive of going to Tribal Council, you guys get the flint. (throws out the flint to Miles) Grab your torches, head back to camp, good night.

Tribal Council 2 Edit

As the Aatma tribe goes, the Shakti tribe arrives. They lit up their torches and sit down to face Probst.

Probst: Shakti, welcome to Tribal Council. Caleb, how do you like this tribe? Have you noticed any tensions among it?

Caleb: I really like my tribe, so it’s a shame we lost today. I personally haven't noticed any tensions. But I think that's because we were so focused on being a strong tribe. However Jeff, there's no telling what happens behind the scenes.

Sami smirks as Dreamer eyes her.

Probst: Dreamer, how are you getting along with your tribe mates so far?

Dreamer: I like most of the people on my tribe, even though there’s this one person I have some doubts about.

Sami rolls her eyes.

Probst: Want to tell us who that person is?

Dreamer: I think they know who they are. (smiles)

Probst: Alright then, moving on. Bryce, are there any alliances in the game? How are they changing the dynamics of the tribe, and how do you think they will affect the votes tonight?

Bryce: Of course, there are alliances in the game! This is Survivor. Everyone has someone that they trust. I believe the alliances are making the tribe a bit more tense. It's all a matter of trust. I believe the alliances will cause someone to be blindsided tonight - no one is expecting to be voted out.

Sami looks at Bryce, a bit nervous.

Probst: Gregory, you guys were so close to beating Hara and winning the challenge! How does it feel to be sitting here tonight, knowing you could've stolen the win out from under Hara's noses?

Gregory: It feels awful, especially for me since I could’ve helped out way more. I was just so stressed out and this puzzle was too confusing for me.

Caleb shakes his head at Gregory’s attitude.

Probst: Sami, what is the tribe's vote going to be based on tonight?

Sami: It depends. You could either vote out someone based on their trustworthiness, or their ability in challenges. Anything could happen tonight and to be honest, I can’t wait to see it! (grins)

Dreamer rolls her eyes.

Probst: Aright, it is time to vote. Caleb, you’re up.

We can see the castaways putting their votes in the urn until Gregory's voting confessional is shown.

GregoryIndiaRI (voting against Dreamer) Maybe you’ll succeed in your dreams.”

Probst: I’ll go tally the votes.

Dreamer smirks, as she looks at Gregory.

Probst: If someone has an Hidden Immunity Idol and would like to play, now would be the time to do so.

No one stands.

Probst: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I will read the votes.

First vote....


Gregory nods, as Dreamer smirks once again.


Dreamer rolls her eyes.


Gregory sighs, while Caleb nods.


Dreamer makes a face, as Sami and Bryce look straight at the host, confident in their decision.


Dreamer frowns, not expecting a third vote, as Caleb is surprised as well.

Second person voted out of Survivor: India - Reincarnation Island… Dreamer.

Dreamer’s jaw drops, as Caleb shakes his head and Sami smirks.

Probst: You need to bring me your torch.

Gregory seems relieved as Bryce winks at Sami.

Probst: Dreamer, the tribe has spoken. Take your torch and head to Reincarnation Island.

Dreamer heads to the dreaded place, as she’s still shocked by her blindside.

Probst: Well, you guys, it appears that there is most certainly a split on this tribe, and maybe a little more tension lurking underneath the surface than you originally thought. We'll see how this affects your success in the future.

Caleb nods, as he looks at Sami and Bryce, a bit angry.

Probst: The positive of going to Tribal Council, you guys get the flint. (throws out the flint to Melissa) Grab your torches, head back to camp, good night.

The Shakti tribe heads out as the credits roll out.

Tribal Council- AatmaEdit

Tribal Council #1:
Nick (5 votes)
Grahame, Hanna, Miles, Tamsyn, Freddy
Freddy (1 vote)
Sent to Reincarnation Island:
Nick Hand

Tribal Council- ShaktiEdit

Tribal Council #1:
Dreamer (4 votes)
Gregory, Sami, Mel, Bryce
Gregory (2 votes)
Dreamer, Caleb
Sent to Reincarnation Island:
Dreamer Amor

Next Time on Survivor...Edit

Author's NotesEdit

  • In the ORG, both Nick and Freddy self-voted, but to make this realistic, I switched their votes.
  • The title was said by Sami, when she swore to take revenge on Bryce for originally not including her in his plan.

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