"Battle Between the Blondes"
Season Survivor: India - Reincarnation Island
Episode Number 4/13
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This is the 4th episode of Survivor: India - Reincarnation Island, written by A2479.

Previously On Survivor...Edit

Previously on… Survivor: Caleb won the Duel of Destiny (Probst: “CALEB WINS THE DUEL AND REENTERS THE GAME!”), gave a disadvantage to Sami and reincarnated into Hara, where Tyler found an idol (Tyler in a confessional: “I found it. The hidden immunity idol! (laughs)”).

On Shakti, Bryce was playing both sides between Sami and Melissa (Bryce in a confessional: “I’m going to tell Melissa it's Sami and Sami that it's Melissa so that I can be the swing vote”) but they quickly figured it out (Melissa in a confessional: “Bryce is now in big sh*t up to his eyeballs.”), while the Fearsome Fivesome grew into the Fearsome Sixsome. (Hanna to Sami: “I want you to join us.” Sami: “I'd love to!”).

After Hara won immunity for the third time in a row, Aatma had their target settled on Miles (Hanna in a confessional: “Miles obviously has to go”) while Melissa and Sami tried to get Gregory on their side to blindside Bryce (Melissa to Gregory: “We have to vote Bryce.”).

At Tribal Council, Miles got voted out as planned (Probst: “Miles, the tribe has spoken.”) while in Shakti’s Tribal Council,  Gregory flipped and Bryce was blindsided. (Probst: “Bryce, the tribe has spoken.”)

Sixteen are left, including two in Reincarnation Island. Who will be voted out tonight?


Duel of Destiny: Domino Effect

The three castaways each stack domino style wooden blocks on their separate raised courses. Once all of the blocks are properly stacked on the course, the castaway can then start a chain reaction by releasing a ball which travels down the course to the end and smashes a tile. First castaway to break their tile wins.

Immunity Challenge: Blind Leading the Blind
One member of each tribe would act as a caller while two other blindfolded tribe members would navigate the course to retrieve five items and a flag, eventually working with a third blindfolded tribemate to hoist the items up to the caller's platform. The first two tribes to get all its items to the top of their platform win.
Winner: Shakti
Reward: A cage of chicken and a rooster.


Night 9 Edit

One World Camp Edit

We can see the two tribes coming back to camp, as the Hara tribe watches on. Aishia and Emilee seem surprised of Bryce’s departure.

Aishia: Woah.

As the Shakti tribe settles in their shelter, Hanna notices Bryce is missing.

Hanna (under her breath): Oh sh*t.

The Fearsome Sixsome, minus Sami and Bryce, quickly reunites on the beach.

Emilee: Oh my God! Bryce, I can't believe it…

Hanna: The bitches who voted for him are gonna have to go.

Aishia (nodding): Melissa and Gregory.

HannaIndiaRI I am so pissed right now! Bryce was one of my closest allies and he was just blindsided! I hate Melissa and Gregory and they’re gonna be the next one to go. I really hope that Sami was not a part of this plan or else she’s gonna be gone too, because I can’t stand betraying bitches. (shrugs)”

Sami is seen approaching them, a bit fearful.

SamiIndiaRI Bryce was playing both sides hard these last few days so I had to get him out, I had no other choice. But he and I were both in this cross-tribal alliance and I know I’m gonna have to explain myself to them. (frowns)”

Aishia (to Sami): So what happened?

Sami: Bryce was the one who flipped on me and tried to vote me out. Melissa told me about it, so we voted him out for flipping. I guess he got cold feet at the end and voted for Melissa instead. (shrugs)

Emilee (surprised): Bryce was targeting you?

Sami: Yeah, these stupid disadvantages are putting a target on my back for no reason. I haven't done anything wrong.

Grahame: Wow....

Sami: Right? I really trusted him.

Grahame: Why would he turn on our alliance? It makes no sense.

Sami (shrugging): I thought so too.

Sami continues talking as the volume is muted, while Hanna doesn’t seem convinced.

HannaIndiaRI I don’t trust Sami at all. She’s obviously lying to us, because Bryce voted against Melissa and not her, and Bryce had no reason to target her. I think she betrayed us because she knew she was on the bottom and she felt safer in her alliance with Melissa and Gregory. Now, I want her gone.”

The camera now shows us Sami’s gone, and the other four are talking.

Hanna: Do you trust Sami? It seems weird that Bryce voted Melissa while she's telling us that he was targeting her.

Aishia: Yeah, that is so peculiar..

Grahame: It doesn't make sense, but I don't see why Sami would make this up. But then again, why would Bryce want Sami out?

Hanna shrugs, as the camera zooms in on Grahame’s face.

GrahameIndiaRI Last Tribal Council was insane. Not my vote, but Bryce being voted out was a complete shock to me. He is a part of our cross-tribal alliance, and according to Sami, he was trying to plot against her back. In my opinion, this is all just a complete misunderstandin'. Bryce was likely tellin' Melissa the fake plan, which she was able to use to convince Sami it was the real deal. The whole thing was just very confusin', and I just hope my alliance isn't ruined because of this.”

The intro then plays.

Day 10Edit

Duel of Destiny Edit

The three tribes and the two duelists arrive to the arena where the host is waiting.

Probst: Before the duel begins, I have an announcement.

Most contestants look surprised, as the camera shows Sami, Hanna and Timmy.

Probst: Everybody drop your buffs! We’re switching tribes!

They all take their buffs out, as some of them are shocked while others were expecting it.

Probst: How this will work is that we will be keeping all three tribes, but one tribe will have four people on it, and the winner of the Duel of Destiny will join that tribe, to even out the numbers. Got it?

The castaways nod. We can now see Probst handing them packages containing their new buffs.

Probst: Alright, open them up!

We can see the contestants opening their packages, finding all type of buffs, some people change seats to join their new tribe while the others stay where they are.


Some people, like Danielle and Hanna, seem satisfied with their tribes, while others, like Aishia and Grahame, are not happy.

Probst: Alright, time for the duel now.

Duel of Destiny #2
Bryce Bricington
Miles Horsetta
Miles Horsetta
Bryce Bricington
  • Both of them start strong and fast, with Bryce taking a bit of a lead.
  • Unfortunately, Bryce goes too fast and trips, making most of his dominoes fall, allowing Miles to catch up.
  • Miles is ready to start the reaction, but comes up short because he put the dominoes too far from each other.
  • Bryce catches up, starts his reaction and wins.


Bryce jumps and lets out a scream, as Miles congratulates him.

We can now see the two duelists in front of the host.

Probst: Miles, how do you feel right now?

Miles: Sad, of course, but I’m glad to have had this experience. (smiles)

Probst: Alright, you have been officially eliminated, throw your buff in the fire and head out.

Miles does just that, as the castaways wave him goodbye.

Probst: Congratulations Bryce, you have been reincarnated in the game! (Bryce grins) Now, you can choose a Karma Card between these ten.

Bryce: I’m choosing number 1, Jeff. (takes the card)

Probst: Who are you giving it to?

Bryce: Gregory.

Gregory shakes his head and takes the card.

Probst: Gregory, you can now read what your disadvantage is.

Gregory (reading): The disadvantage is the Double Tribal Council! If a tribe is given this card, the next time they go to tribal council, they will have to vote out two people instead of one. Wow…

Bryce, realizing he gave his own tribe a disadvantage, shakes his head, as Danielle stifles a giggle.

Probst: Shakti, you better win immunity or else you'll be only three. Here’s your buff, Bryce. (hands Shakti buff to Bryce)

Bryce puts it on and joins his new tribe, whom he whispers to “sorry”.

Probst: You guys can head back to camp.

One World Camp Edit

The three new tribes are seen entering their respecting camps, as the camera shows us the Shakti tribe. They’re all seen hugging and greeting each other, as Dylan is shown the most.

DylanIndiaRI My game has changed because we switched tribes after we won our third straight challenge with Hara. Hara was strong but I think Shakti will be weak. I really want to go to my first Tribal when we hit the merge and not now. (bites lip)”

We can see Bryce sitting in the shelter, seemingly happy to be back.

BryceIndiaRI Wow, these past few days have been a total whirlwind. Where do I even start? Apparently, Melissa is playing the game harder than I initially suspected she was. I'm really pissed, I can forgive but I won't forget. The reason I gave the Karma Card to Greg is that I still want to try and win back Melissa's trust. I don't give a damn about Greg’s trust. And now we swapped. I don't really know Dylan, I do hope I can get to know him. I'm really thankful to be on the same tribe as my boys, Grahame and Caleb. While Caleb and I had a small fallout, I think we still trust each other. I definitely trust him. And Grahame and I have the Cross-Tribal Alliance with each other, so I hope that gets me some brownie points with him. I'm planning to try and form a majority consisting of us three so we can take out Greg and subsequently Dylan. This is all so freaking crazy!! I hope my erratic gameplay doesn't get the best of me. (chuckles)”

The scene now switched to a conversation between Grahame and Bryce in the woods.

Bryce: What would you say about teaming up and trying to form a majority?

Grahame: That was exactly what I was thinkin'. My original tribe has all been split up, so I don't 'ave much of a choice. (smiles)

GrahameIndiaRI So on my new tribe, we've basically got a bunch of people I have barely spoke to. Dylan and Gregory are nobodies to me, which is very scary. What's even worse is that the two people I'm somewhat aligned with, Bryce and Caleb, probably have some bad blood between them, meanin' it's unlikely we're goin' to be able to work together (sigh). All I can really do right now is talk to my new tribe members and hopefully figure somethin' out.”

The camera now shows us Bryce and Caleb talking on the beach.

Bryce: What are your thoughts on aligning and trying to form a majority?

Caleb: Yeah, I think that sounds good. (smiles)

Bryce: I really like Grahame, he seems like a good guy.

Caleb (nodding): Yeah,  I've been talking to him a lot. He's a nice guy.

CalebIndiaRI Even though Bryce and I were on separate alliances back on old Shakti, I have to trust him now to stay in the majority, and apparently he didn’t even vote for me, so should I even be worried? (chuckles)”

The scene now switches to the new Hara camp, where Danielle and Sami are sitting alone.

Danielle: Oh my gosh, I can’t believe we're on the same tribe! (grins then hugs)

Sami (hugging her too): Yaaay! (laughs)

Danielle: Just curious, are you close with anyone on this new tribe?

Sami: Emilee and Hanna, I'm closer with Emilee though.

Danielle: Oh, great then!  I’m close with Emilee and Timmy of course, though I'm probably closer to Emilee since I've been just casual with Timmy for the most part, haven't talked to Hanna yet.

Sami: Wanna make a majority alliance with Emilee since we are both close with her already?

Danielle (smiling): Sure, I think that'd be a great idea!

SamiIndiaRI I love my new tribe! I have two girls from the cross-tribal alliance and Danielle who is one of my closest friends in this game. I’m in a great position and I love it! (grins)”

The camera now shows us Danielle, Sami and Emilee in the water.

Emilee: I like the look of our new tribe, we all look really chill! (pauses for a second) Wow, "chill" sounds really weird coming from me. (giggles)

Sami (giggling): I like this tribe too! Much less aggressive than before.

Emilee: Your old tribe was crazy, Sami! I couldn't figure out what the heck was going on over there.

Sami: It was utter chaos there, this is much better. So, do you guys wanna form an alliance?  I've talked to each of you and I know you two have talked and I think you both are really awesome.  What do you think?

Emilee: I'd like that a lot!

Sami: What about you Danielle?

Danielle: Heck yeah, you two are both awesome so this is a no brainer!

Sami: Girl Power! (giggles)

The three women laugh as the scene switches to Hanna and Danielle at the water well.

HannaIndiaRI We switched tribes and it’s amazing. I have Sami and Emilee on my tribe, and the former’s gotta go. I have no problem voting with the Hara people because I know Emilee will keep me if we go to Tribal Council again. Bye bye Sami, see you never! (waves hand)”

Hanna: So, are you close to Emilee and Timmy?

Danielle: I've talked to both of them a small amount, probably a little bit more with Emilee. They're both pretty nice people.

Hanna: Emilee and I are close so I can vote with you guys.

Danielle (grinning): Oh, that's great! I'd be happy to vote with you and Emilee, that's so relieving to hear that we could make sure we're not on the outs.

DanielleIndiaRI Honestly, I'm so happy the switch happened! I mean, sure, I was safe on Hara, but with that many people to keep track of I was getting really worried. On the new tribe, I knew everyone from the past except Hanna, and after talking to her she seems nice enough, which means I have relationships with everyone! And that means I’m in a really good position. (smiles)”

The scene now switches to Aishia and Tyler talking in the woods.

Tyler: Well, at least we’re still together.

Aishia: Yes, we've got to stick together.

Tyler: Indeed, hopefully none of our alliance gets voted out before the merge. We need to get another person on our side so we have the numbers.

TylerIndiaRI On this new tribe, I have my former Hara tribemate and alliance member, Aishia, with me, and we need a third to get the majority, and I’ve had good vibes from Melissa, she seems like a cool girl and I saw her compete on Shakti, she was hella strong!”

Aishia (nodding): Who on our tribe do you want to recruit to be number three?

Tyler: Melissa, she seems nice enough and she’s strong in challenges.

Aishia nods silently.

AishiaIndiaRI You've got to be kidding me with this tribe switch. I get on a tribe with two other Hara members, including Dreamer who’s a complete wildcard and who I don’t trust. And there’s also Mel who looks hateable, and here comes Tyler trying to form a freaking alliance with her! I hope we win immunity. (groans)”

The camera now shows Tyler and Melissa carrying firewood.

Tyler: So, I wanted to work with you since the game started. (grins)

Melissa (smiling): Oh thanks! That would be great.

Tyler: Well, myself and Aishia were in a strong alliance back on Hara, you’re more than happy to join us!

Melissa (nodding): Sure, if Aisha is happy with that.

MelIndiaRI I don’t have nobody from my old tribe on this new tribe, so I’m thankful for Tyler coming to me and asking for an alliance. I think us two and Aishia can be strong, and as long as they don’t lie to me, everything will be good.”

The camera shifts and shows us the sun setting.

Day 11Edit

One World Camp Edit

The sun is seen rising above the one world camp, as the camera shows us Bryce and Sami walking through the woods, carrying multiple canteens. The awkward silence is palpable, until Sami decides to break the ice, as they arrive at the water well.

Sami (hesitantly): Wanna talk about last Tribal?

Bryce: Honestly, there's nothing to really talk about. Melissa is a snake and that's pretty much it.

Sami (frowning): That’s not what I heard, I think we have different perspectives on what happened.

Bryce: Oh really?

Sami: If you can be completely honest with me I won't blame you for anything and maybe we can still work together, just tell me why.

Bryce (lying): I didn't know who else to tell Melissa. I told Gregory that I was voting Melissa and I told Melissa I was voting you because she really wanted to form an alliance with Gregory. I was never ever plotting against you.

Sami: But she told me she refused to vote me out and so you flipped and voted for her, is that true?

Bryce (shaking his head): No, she clearly left out the part when I asked her to vote Gregory but she didn’t want to at all, she was totally on board with voting you, but I think my trust should be exhibited by the fact that I voted for her.

Sami: Yeah, I think it was all just a big misunderstanding, glad you’re back so that it didn't do any damage, but our cross-tribal alliance thinks you targeted me so we will have to clear that up.

Bryce: Really? You told them that I was targeting you?

Sami: They were questioning why you went home, but none of it made sense so they will understand, and I believe you now.

SamiIndiaRI I don’t know who to believe between Bryce and Melissa, I mean Melissa was really convincing two days ago, but what Bryce has been telling me today is making a lot of sense too. This is all very confusing, so I’m gonna have to focus on my new tribe, and worry about that later. (giggles)”

We’re now shown the Fearsome Sixsome reuniting in the woods.

Bryce (lying): Guys, the last vote was a giant misunderstanding. Sami, Gregory, and I agreed to vote Melissa out. I went to Melissa and told her that Gregory was the target. Melissa said she didn't want to take Gregory out. So, I asked if it was Sami she wanted out and she said yes. Melissa is the snake in this situation, not me. My trust in this alliance should be exhibited by the fact that I voted against Melissa, not Sami. This is a really big miscommunication, I never did anything to go against this alliance. This is the place where my trust is. I never ever wanted Sami out.

Sami (nodding): Yeah it's true, when Melissa told me Bryce said he wanted me out that's when we decided to vote for him, but I wouldn't have voted him out had I known he was lying to her the whole time.

BryceIndiaRI So...Sami and I explained Sami's little screw-up to the cross-tribal alliance. I'm not entirely sure that they believe me - Sami put me in a pretty bad light. I really hope they can trust me once more because I never did anything wrong! Well, maybe I shouldn't have tried to set myself up as a swing vote. (chuckles) ”

Grahame (grinning): Good. I’m glad this alliance can still stay strong.

Aishia (relieved): So am I.

Emilee nods, as Hanna is looking at Sami silently.

HannaIndiaRI I can see right through Sami, that girl is a manipulator and it clearly showed today when Bryce was spewing all that bullsh*t. She manipulated him into thinking she voted him out because of a “misunderstanding” when she clearly blindsided him because she’s actually against the Fearsome Sixsome. She needs to go and I’m gonna make sure of that. (smirks)”

The camera now shows that most of the alliance is gone, as Emilee and Hanna stayed together.

Hanna: So, I wanted to talk to you about Tribal council if we lose the challenge. I don’t think we should trust Sami after the last Shakti Tribal Council, so we need a third to get the majority, who are you the closest to, Danielle or Timmy?

Emilee (surprised): Oh, uh, you want Sami out?

Hanna: Yes. I mean, did you see how she blindsided Bryce? If there was no Reincarnation Island, Bryce would’ve gone home because of a “misunderstanding”. I don’t trust her at all and I’m sure she has a stronger alliance with Melissa and Gregory. If she could do that to Bryce, she can totally do it to us too.

Emilee: You think she would do that to us? (sighs) Gosh, this game is too complicated.

Hanna: It is, but she hasn’t said anything to me since the swap, so I’m sure she’s planning something behind our backs with Melissa and Gregory.

Emilee: I just… I can’t imagine Sami doing that for no reason! She seems really sweet to me.

Hanna (matter-of-factly): We both know Sami was the sixth of the cross-tribal alliance, and she surely got angry because Bryce formed this alliance without telling her, so she blindsided him with Mel and Gregory. I’m sure she’s playing a role and is ratting us out to her true alliance. I don’t trust her at all.

Emilee (unsure): Do you really think we should split it up right now though? What if she really is with us? I don’t feel like Sami would try and turn on us so soon. I mean, I guess you never know on Survivor but… something just doesn’t feel right about turning on her so soon.

Hanna (getting annoyed): I’d rather make that move sooner than later. If we let her go too far, she could totally grab the numbers and flip on us. We have to get rid of her now because she’s powerless.

Emilee: I just… I feel bad. I don’t want to vote Sami out when we have our alliance with her. What if they start to distrust us for flipping? We’d basically be doing what Sami did to Bryce.

Hanna (rolling her eyes): You know what? I’m gonna talk to Bryce and see what he thinks about this, then I’ll come to you later.

Emilee: Oh, okay, I guess I’ll talk to you later then.

EmileeIndiaRi Hanna seemed to get really annoyed with me, and I’m not really sure why she wants to turn on Sami. Honestly, I don’t think it’s a good idea, and I’d feel terrible turning on her this early! I dunno what’s going on in Hanna’s head, but it doesn’t seem good. I don’t know how comfortable I am working with her if she’s going to be acting like this. ”

As Emilee goes back to camp, Hanna shakes her head.

HannaIndiaRI Emilee really didn’t seem to want to do it, but I’ll convince her to go with me. I probably won’t talk to Bryce, so I’ll just lie to her. (shrugs)”

The camera now shows us the tribe eating breakfast.

Timmy: Rice is ready!

Sami (taking a scoop of rice): Oh my God, I’m so hungry!

Emilee watches on silently, feeling a bit guilty.

EmileeIndiaRi I have no idea what to tell Sami! I’d feel horrible turning on her, but Hanna is unwilling to do anything else. (sighs) This game is so complicated. ”

Now the camera shows us only Emilee and Danielle have stayed in camp.

Emilee: Ugh, I hope we don't have to go to tribal. The last thing I want to do is hurt somebody's feelings or something.

Danielle: Do you have any preference for who you like on the tribe?

Emilee: I dunno, I've talked with Timmy the least, but at the same time, I'd feel terrible turning on Hara! Sami seems really sweet, I like her a lot. I haven't talked with Hanna much either, but it seems like she's very, um... stubborn.

Danielle: Oh, really? What has she done?

Emilee: I don't want to be judgemental, but she really wants Sami out, and it doesn't feel right to me, I dunno… but she's pretty much telling me to vote her.

Danielle (frowning): Why does Hanna want Sami out?

Emilee (lying): Oh, um, I don't even know! She didn't even, uh, say anything about it, so it didn't make any sense. I asked her why but she kind of dodged the question. I got too nervous to ask again, she seemed kind of annoyed with me.

Danielle: That's really weird. What should we do, then? I'm really not sure.

Emilee: I don't know, either. I wanted to tell Sami but I don't want to cause any more drama or something!

Danielle: Hun, if you want to tell Sami then you shouldn't be afraid to. Especially since it sounds like Hanna's a snake!

Emilee: Yeah, I guess... I just, I don't want either one of them to be mad at me!

Danielle: I understand - I could talk to Hanna and then tell Sami so the heat is off you, if you'd like!

Emilee: No, really, it's fine! I'm still not even sure what I want to happen.

EmileeIndiaRi It was really sweet, what Danielle offered to do, but I don’t want her to take the heat for my stupid indecision. I guess I got myself into this mess anyways, so whatever decision I make, -I- need to follow through with, and I don’t want Danielle to have to take any heat for my choices. That wouldn’t be fair to her. I just have no idea what to do! ”

The scene now changes to Danielle and Sami talking on the beach.

Sami: So, as anyone approached you about the vote if we lose tomorrow?

Danielle: Yes, and I need you to promise me you'll stay quiet about this, at least for now.

Sami: I will, you can count on me.

Danielle: I've heard that Hanna is hardcore gunning to vote you out.

Sami (shocked): Really? Who does she have with her?

Danielle: Yeah, and I don't think she has anyone yet, but I could be completely in the dark here.

Sami: Do you think we have Emilee with us, like she's trustworthy here?  

Danielle: I think she's trustworthy, but honestly, I'm getting really weird vibes from her.

Sami: Really?

Danielle: Alright, pretty please with a cherry on top don't tell anyone, specifically Emilee, this, but Emilee was the one to tell me. And she said it really weirdly, so I couldn't tell if she was more for you or for Hanna. It's probably close.

Sami (shaking her head): Wow… I don't know what I ever did wrong. I haven't done anything this game so far, I feel like those disadvantages put a target on my back that I really didn't deserve. (pauses) Can I tell you something that confuses me though?

Danielle: Sure, what is it?

Sami: Bryce pulled me into a cross-tribal alliance with Hanna in it, so I can't understand why she would want to destroy a perfectly good cross-tribal? I never trusted anyone in there anyway so, I guess it's not so surprising, wanna know who else is in it?

Danielle (shocked): Wow, that's crazy. And I'd love to know who else is in it.

Sami: This has to stay between us though.

Danielle: Don’t worry, I trust you with info so you can do the same. (smiles)

Sami: So it includes so far Bryce, Aishia, Grahame, Emilee, Hanna, and me.

Danielle: Wow, that's really interesting info, and since I've talked with literally all of them and you're the only one to mention it, that shows me you're literally the only one I can trust.

SamiIndiaRI I flipped the switch in this game and went into “evil mode”. My entire plan for this game was to make relationships. Now that I’ve been talking to people, and I realize that some people are quick to flip on me, I’ve decided that I’m gonna flip the switch and be evil. It’s actually a little more fun being evil, who said that “villains have more fun?” Whatever, I agree with them. (smirks) So I told Danielle about the cross-tribal alliance I’m in with all the other evil people, because she showed me I could trust her when she told me Hanna was targeting me and I feel like there can only be one top dog around here that controls everything, and all these people think I can’t see through their act, and that doesn’t go for me. I have to be top villain, I’m stealing my throne. When I told Danielle about the cross-tribal, she said that now she trusts me even more, and that’s great because I trust Danielle and I plan to go far with her! ”

Sami: You know what we should do?  We should form a second cross tribal and I'll feed you guys the info about the first one.  

Danielle: That'd be fun. (laughs)

DanielleIndiaRI An atomic bomb was literally just dropped on my game. Sami told me about this cross-tribal alliance and I’m shocked. Emilee’s a good liar and I can’t trust her anymore. And with Aishia, the fact that she hasn't told me about the cross-tribal alliance just shows that she didn't view me as closely as I viewed her. Oh, and we can't forget Grahame, who I thought was a close alliance too. Honestly, the one person I feel I can trust in this game is Sami because she's the only one who came forward with that bombshell of information and she's done nothing to me but prove she can be trusted.”

The two continue talking, as the sun is seen setting behind them.

Day 12Edit

One World Camp Edit

As the sun is rising above the Indian beach, a shot of Hanna and Tamsyn filling the castaways’ canteens in the water well is shown.

Tamsyn: How's it going on your new tribe girl?

Hanna: It's going good. How about you?

Tamsyn: I guess it's okay, everyone’s nice, but I don’t know who to trust.

Hanna: Well, you shouldn't trust Mel. She apparently was Bryce's closest ally then stabbed him in the back. If she can blindside him, she can totally blindside you.

Tamsyn (surprised): Oh wow… I think I can convince Tyler and Aishia to vote her since they’re both from Hara and seem like the swing vote.

Hanna: Good. I'm gonna get rid of Sami on my tribe because she did the same thing than Melissa.

Tamsyn (nodding): Okay.

TamsynIndiaRI I don’t have anyone to trust on this new tribe, so I was a bit worried, but now that I know that Melissa already betrayed someone in the game, I think I have enough information to sway Dreamer, Tyler and Aishia on my side. (smiles)”

Immunity Challenge Edit

  • Tyler, Caleb and Hanna are calling for each tribe.
  • The three tribes are all working well together as first.
  • Timmy gets confused and doesn’t hear Hanna well, which slows down the tribe.
  • The other tribes manage to get their last item and bring it back to the platform.
  • Unfortunately for Aatma, Dreamer fails at hoisting the item up, giving Shakti the win.


The Shakti tribe celebrates, Grahame, Bryce and Gregory even more, as this is the first time they win immunity.

Probst then gives the Immunity Idol and the chickens to the winning tribe, and then send them back to camp.

One World Camp Edit

The three tribes are seen entering their own camps. The scene shows us the Hara tribe settling down, as the camera focuses on Timmy.

TimmyIndiaRI So, we lost the challenge and I guess I'm in danger because I sucked today so that means I have to scramble like eggs but there's only so much you can do until the eggs get brown and crusty, honey. (shrugs) If I go home, oh well, I still have Reincarnation Island. We’ll just see where things go tonight.”

The camera now leads us to a conversation between Emilee and Sami in the jungle.

Emilee: So, there's something I've been meaning to tell you.

Sami: What?

Emilee: Well... Hanna came up to me yesterday, and, she uh, she really wanted you out!

Sami: Really? Did she mention why?

Emilee: Yeah, I really don't know why. She seemed to think that you were gonna turn on us. I tried to ask her if we should change the vote and she kind of snapped at me! I don't want things to change in our alliance, maybe it'd be best if me, you and Hanna could talk things out.

Sami (nodding): Yeah, maybe I can talk to her and we can come to an understanding.

Emilee: So, if we manage to talk things out with Hanna, are you thinking Timmy for the vote?

Sami: Yeah.

EmileeIndiaRi I’m feeling a lot more comfortable now that I came clean to Sami! It seems like she even wants to make up with Hanna now, which is amazing! Hopefully the two of them make up and Hanna’s not too mad at me, and the three of us can continue working together. ”

As the two women part ways, the camera follows Sami.

SamiIndiaRI Emilee finally told me about Hanna targeting me but I still can’t trust her because she’s part of the Fearsome Sixsome. For this Tribal, I’m gonna talk to Hanna, and convince her and Emilee to vote for Timmy. That way, Danielle and I can convince Timmy to join us, and the three of us can blindside either one of those two!”

The camera now shows us Danielle and Sami talking on the camp sideways.

Sami: Emilee just told me what happened with Hanna and she wants Timmy out;

Danielle: Okay, cool.

Sami: Once I get to talk to Hanna I think I can convince her to vote Timmy then we can get her or Emilee out.

Danielle: Well, before that we need to make sure we have Timmy locked down.

Sami: Can you get on that while I talk to Hanna?

Danielle: Sure.

DanielleIndiaRI So, Hanna thought Sami would flip to me and Timmy for some reason and wanted her out, but now Sami wants to talk and kiss and make up or whatever with her and is going to try to flip the target back on Timmy, and hopefully none of that matters because Sami, Timmy and I will blindside Emilee or Hanna. All of this hinges on Timmy, though - I really need to give a good pitch to him to join Sami and me. ”

The scene now changes to a conversation between Danielle and Timmy on the beach.

Danielle: I just found out some crazy info that puts both of our lives in jeopardy.

Timmy: Oh my God, what happened?

Danielle: Emilee betrayed us. She wants you out.

Timmy: Yikes.

Danielle: She and Hanna are in an alliance with Sami, but Sami, thankfully, chose us instead and wants to help us out. Sami said she would vote Emilee with us and wanted me to tell you what happened. I just wanted to hear what you were thinking, because it's a huge shift.

Timmy (nodding): I'd be down to do that.

Danielle: So you'd be up for voting Emilee? I don't want to overwhelm you or anything.

Timmy: Nah, if she's throwing my name out, then what's the harm?

Danielle: Cool, I'll put her name down too then!

TimmyIndiaRI Looks like Emilee isn’t Hara strong after all because she’s going after me! I’m very thankful for Sami telling this to Danielle who told me, I think I can trust these two going forward and I hope we’re gonna make a good team.”

The camera now pictures Hanna and Danielle talking next to some trees.

Hanna: I wanna get Sami out. She blindsided her closest ally Bryce and she has this big alliance with Melissa and Gregory.

Danielle: Oh, really? Thanks for telling me, didn't know that. Do you have anyone else on your side for the vote?

Hanna: I have Emilee. I want you in because you're my ally and I barely talk to Timmy.

Danielle: I’d be happy to work with you and Emilee since you two seem nice enough. (smiles)

Hanna: Good. We can take Timmy out next.

Danielle: Alright, sounds good.

HannaIndiaRI The plan is all set for tonight. I have myself, Emilee and Danielle voting for Sami. I don’t know who Timmy is voting for but who cares? I still have majority. See ya later Sami! (blows a kiss)”

The camera now shows us Hanna and Sami talking in the forest.

Sami: So... I've heard that you’re a little on the fence about my loyalty, but I wanted to assure you that I am with you 100% and I hope we can clear this whole thing up.

Hanna (frowning): Emilee told you that? That's not good. Look Sami, you blindsided your closest ally Bryce and you probably have an alliance with Melissa and Gregory. How can I trust you?

Sami: The whole thing with Bryce was a misunderstanding.  I got told he was going to vote for me but it turns out it was a lie. I wish I had never voted for him.

Hanna: Bryce could've gone home because of a simple "misunderstanding". Imagine if there was no Reincarnation Island, Bryce would be gone and fuming at home. I don't want you to blindside me.

Sami: I think as long as we keep in touch everything will be fine. It happened because Bryce didn't tell me he told Melissa to vote for me as a lie so I assumed it was true. As long as we touch base often that shouldn't ever happen again.

Hanna: The fact that you can turn on your closest ally that easily does not sit well with me.

Sami: I only turned on him because I thought he turned on me first, and I was very hurt as well when I was under the impression that he wanted me gone.

Hanna: So you believed Melissa over Bryce?

Sami: Yes, I believed Melissa over Bryce. If you don't think you can trust me after that I guess I can understand. We will just go our separate ways, but I really was hoping to work with you. (frowns)

Hanna: I think it's too late to work together now. I already have Danielle and Emilee voting against you and I'm not gonna flip on them.

Sami (sighing): Okay I understand.  I'll try my best on Reincarnation and I’m sorry you can't trust me.

Hanna (shrugging): Don't be. We just outplayed you. (smirks)

As Hanna turns around, Sami rolls her eyes.

SamiIndiaRI Hanna is so cocky and thinks she has the votes to send me home, when I actually have Danielle and Timmy on my side! I really want her out now that I know she’s not willing to work with me again, and if she really does go, I can’t wait to see her cocky smile go away!”

The scene now changes to Hanna and Emilee talking in a trail.

Emilee: Hey Hanna, can we talk?

Hanna: Should we though? If you go tell everything to Sami again, I don’t know why we should talk.

Emilee: Hanna, look, I only told Sami because I want us all to make up. It’s not a good idea to split up like this!  

Hanna: It is! Don’t vote for her if you want, I don’t care because I have Danielle’s vote locked in and Bryce totally agreed to this idea.

Emilee: But, I thought he and Sami made up?

Hanna (lying): He hates her in reality. He knows he would’ve gone home if there was no Reincarnation Island and he doesn’t trust Sami anymore. I totally understand him and I’m gonna vote her off just to avenge him.

Emilee: Hanna, please--

Hanna (cutting her off): Shut up! (storms off)

Emilee is left speechless, completely shocked.

EmileeIndiaRi Wow… that was really… rude!”

Emilee is seen coming back to camp, where Sami is tending alone to the fire, she quickly notices something’s wrong with her.

Sami: Hey, are you okay?

Emilee: Hanna just told me to shut up.

Sami’s eyes widen up, revealing her shocked expression.

Emilee: Honestly, if she's going to treat me that way... I see no reason not to vote for her.

Sami: Why did she tell you to shut up? That's so mean.

Emilee: I know, I'm kind of hurt, I didn't want any of this…

Sami: Well, don’t worry, I’m sure we can get numbers to get her out.

SamiIndiaRI Emilee wants Hanna out too now, and that’s perfect for me. If getting rid of Hanna means I can have Emilee as a possible ally going further, then she can go even more. I just need to talk it out with Danielle.”

Now, we can see Sami and Danielle having a conversation on the beach.

Danielle: Okay, so Timmy’s on board to get rid of Emilee.

Sami: Cool, but I think we need to do Hanna.

Danielle: Hanna?

Sami: Yeah, I think Emilee will be more forgiving and she told me she’s gonna vote Hanna because she blew up on her.

Danielle: Well, don’t you think it’d be smarter to keep Hanna because she’ll be a target in front of us in the future?

Sami: I don’t know, I think Emilee would be more of a possible ally.

Danielle: Yeah but she’s shown her sneakiness.

Sami: You’re right. Ugh, this is hard.

Danielle nods.

DanielleIndiaRI Tonight, this is all coming down between Hanna and Emilee. On one hand, you have a loose cannon who thinks she’s running the show, and keeping her would be smart because people will target her before they target us, but at the same time, she could go after us later on. On the other hand, you have a sneaky player who’s in a lot of alliances and if we keep her she could actually go far, but she is willing to vote with us tonight, so that’s a plus. In the end, I’m happy this is coming down between two people from the cross-tribal alliance and whoever goes tonight, it’ll be one less player for them and that’s what matters the most. (smiles)”

The scene now changes to the Aatma camp, where Melissa and Tamsyn are tending the fire, as Dreamer watches the former.

DreamorIndiaRI Okay.... Who thought it was a good idea to put stupid blonde lady Mel on my tribe? I know she was close with Sami on Shakti, and I’m going to win this, so I need to get rid of her first, even if she's good at challenges, I am the best after all, I can convince my tribe to vote her off. (smirks)”

We can now see that Melissa is gone, as Dreamer begins to speak to Tamsyn?

Dreamer: Can we please vote her off? I hate her.

Tamsyn: Oh, why?

Dreamer: She was super close to my worst enemy on Shakti, she needs to go.

Tamsyn: Alright, I don’t have any problem with that.

TamsynIndiaRI Dreamer wanting Melissa gone is perfect for my game, because now I have two votes against her, and I just need to convince Aishia and Tyler to vote with us.”

The camera now shows us the alliance of Melissa, Aishia and Tyler reuniting in the forest.

Aishia: Ugh, really wish we could've won this.

Tyler: Me too, I hate losing.

Aishia: Yep, cause now we've got to pick off someone. (frowns)

Tyler: I know, this is gonna suck.

Melissa: Is it really that hard of a choice?

Aishia: Who do you suggest?

Melissa: Dreamer, after all she lost us the challenge.

Aishia: You good with that, Tyler?

Tyler: Yes, I am. (grins)

Aishia: Awesome, no point in keeping dead weight. Let's send her off and just win the next one. (smiles)

Melissa (nodding): Sounds good.

MelIndiaRI My alliance and I decided Dreamer was gonna go tonight because she didn’t help in the challenge, and I mean that’s why we voted her out in Shakti, so that should come as no surprise.”

We are now shown Aishia and Tamsyn having a conversation at the water well.

Aishia: So, what's up?

Tamsyn: Not much, you?

Aishia: Just wondering what your mind set is going into the vote. (giggles)

Tamsyn: Oh, well I was thinking Mel. She hasn't talked to me at all and someone told me she betrayed her closest ally but, I mean, I'm okay with anything right now.

Aishia: Oh alright - makes sense, do you think you have the numbers for that though?

Tamsyn: Dreamer hates her so I’m sure she’d be in and I think Tyler can be convinced to go with us.

Aishia nods.

AishiaIndiaRI This is like a battle between the blondes and one is going to go home. Melissa and Dreamer are the two candidates tonight, and honestly it's quite exciting. I'm in the middle and I get to decide who I’m going to work with moving forward in the game, and with this new information coming from Tamsyn, I feel more positive about Melissa going home, especially when I didn’t want to work with her in the first place.”

The scene now changes to Aishia and Tyler talking by the beach.

Aishia: Okay, I have to talk to you. It's kind of a last minute vote analysis of what's going on.

Tyler: Alright.

Aishia: Tamsyn brought me some information about Melissa and now I think she's not someone we can trust in this game. She's betrayed her original alliance, and I think we'd be better off with Dreamer and Tamsyn as a tribe.

Tyler: Oh, I didn’t know that, but I think we’d be stronger as a tribe if we keep Melissa.

Aishia: I agree, but we can’t trust Melissa, I’d rather keep Dreamer who is not gonna be a strategic mastermind.

Tyler: I don’t know…

TylerIndiaRI The plan was to vote off Dreamer but suddenly Aishia wants Melissa gone, this is crazy! There’s pros and cons to both results, if Dreamer goes, we’d be a stronger tribe but we’d have Melissa who’s not trustworthy, if Melissa goes, we’d have a safer tribe but we’d have Dreamer who’s not strong. It should be a real interesting night to say the least. (smiles)”

As Tyler’s confessional is displayed, we can see the castaways packing up and picking up their torches. A shot of the two tribes heading to Tribal Council is shown while the sun is setting.

Tribal Council 1 Edit

We can see the Hara tribe arriving to Tribal Council, where Hanna and Sami directly sit.

Probst: For those of you who don’t have a torch, grab one, dip it in and get fire. This is part of the ritual of Tribal Council because in this game, fire represents your life, when your fire’s gone, so are you.

Emilee, Danielle and Timmy lit up their torches, and sit down next to the other women.

Probst: Sami, has there been a lot of scrambling on the new Hara tribe, now that you've swapped and the game is really on?

Sami: Definitely. I mean, those last few days have been crazy and anything could happen tonight.

Probst: Emilee, is it nerve-wracking, going to your first tribal council of the season?

Emilee: For sure, I have no idea what’s gonna happen, so I’m really nervous.

Probst: Hanna, are there tensions within the tribe?

Hanna: There is no tensions in the tribe Jeff. Everyone has to do what they have to do and vote someone off. (shrugs)

Emilee shakes her head.

Probst: Danielle, how have people's strategies begun to change now that the swap has hit?

Danielle: Strategy has changed dramatically with the incoming swap, Jeff. Especially for us Hara folks, we've got to switch from "Ah, let's relax" to "Oh shoot, I really need allies!". I think tonight's Tribal Council is going to come down to who prepared the best for every situation, because honestly, everyone is playing the game and it's a matter of self-preservation.

Sami nods.

Probst: Alright, it is time to vote. Hanna, you’re up.

HannaIndiaRI (voting against Sami) I can’t stand flippers and you’re gonna get flipped.”

Probst: I’ll go tally the votes.

As the host goes to take the urn, Timmy watches on silently.

Probst: If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

No one stands.

Probst: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes. First vote…


Sami nods, expecting a vote, as Hanna smirks.

HANNA. (1-1)

Hanna rolls her eyes, as Emilee seems nervous.

HANNA. (2-1)

Hanna seems surprised, but shrugs it off. Danielle looks on intensely.


Probst: Seventh person voted out of Survivor: India… Hanna.

Hanna’s eyes wide up, as she was not expecting it. Sami smirks, as Emilee sighs, relieved.

Probst: That’s three, that’s enough, you need to bring me your torch.

Danielle nods, thinking she made the right decision.

Probst: Hanna, the tribe has spoken. Take your torch and head to Reincarnation Island.

Hanna does just that, not saying anything to her castmates.

Probst: Well, you guys seem to have come into the swap united in who you wanted out; the question is, is that unity real, or is it just an illusion? You guys can head back to camp, goodnight.

The Hara tribe leaves, as the Aatma tribe arrives.

Tribal Council 2 Edit

Dreamer, Melissa and Tamsyn sit down to face the host.

Probst: For those of you who don’t have a torch, grab one, dip it in and get fire. This is part of the ritual of Tribal Council because in this game, fire represents your life, when your fire’s gone, so are you.

Aishia and Tyler lit up their torches, and sit down next to the other women.

Probst: Tyler, now that the tribes have swapped, has the game kicked up a notch? Meaning, have people started to think more about strategy, who's on their side?

Tyler: Oh, for sure. Now, people are playing more aggressively and strategic decisions are starting to be made, but we can’t forget this is a tribal game at first.

Aishia nods.

Probst: Tamsyn, you're all alone on this new tribe, with no former Aatma tribe members on your side. How do you adapt to this new situation?

Tamsyn: It was scary at first, but I managed to build good relationships with the right people, and I hope I can trust them going forward.

Probst: Dreamer, you've been voted off before, and swapped to the dominant Hara tribe. Now, a full tribe switch has occurred, and you're on yet another tribe! Do you feel comfortable with another, completely different group of people?

Dreamer: Not really, and I feel even uncomfortable with some people on this tribe.

Melissa seems intrigued, but shrugs it off.

Probst: Melissa, have there been any underlying tensions on this newly-formed tribe?

Melissa (shaking her head): Not that I’ve heard of, everything’s been pretty chill from what I’ve seen.

Dreamer smirks.

Probst: Aishia, this is your first time going to Tribal. As nerve-wracking as it may be, are there some benefits to finally getting to start really playing the game?

Aishia: Aghhh, you know - it definitely means I'm finally becoming a player because I finally get to do what every Survivor has to do. Survive. This tribal is really just about surviving for me. This is definitely nerve-wracking, and I did not want to come here tonight, but we all have to make a choice and I hope we make the right one.

Probst: Alright, it is time to vote. Dreamer, you’re up.

No voting confessionals are shown.

Probst: I’ll go tally the votes.

Tamsyn looks at Aishia, who looks at Probst.

Probst: If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

No one stands.

Probst: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes. First vote…


Melissa nods, not worried.

DREAMER. (1-1)

Dreamer groans, not happy to see her name written down.

MELISSA. (2-1)

Melissa seems a bit more nervous, as Tyler looks at Probst silently.

Probst: Eight person voted out of Survivor: India… Melissa.

Melissa’s jaw drops, not expecting that, as Dreamer smirks.

Probst: That’s three, that’s enough. I need you to bring me your torch.

Melissa (shaking her head and standing up): Wow…

Tyler and Aishia look at each other and nod, confident of their decision.

Probst: Melissa, the tribe has spoken. Take your torch and head to Reincarnation Island.

Melissa does just that.

Probst: Well, like on Hara, your tribe unanimously voted to eliminate the person who was voted off tonight. Will that unity last? We'll have to wait and see. You can head back to camp, goodnight.

The Aatma tribe leaves, as the cred

Tribal Council- AatmaEdit

Tribal Council #4:
Melissa (4 votes)
Aishia, Tyler, Tamsyn, Dreamer
Dreamer (1 vote)
Sent to Reincarnation Island:
Melissa T.

Tribal Council- ShaktiEdit

Tribal Council #4:
Hanna (4 votes)
Sami, Emilee, Danielle, Timmy
Sami (1 vote)
Sent to Reincarnation Island:
Hanna Sachiko

Final WordsEdit

MilesIndiaRI It sucks to go out this early, especially for me, who is a fan, and I expected to go further, so this sucks a lot, but I wish everyone left good luck and hopefully someone from Aatma will take the win.”

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