Welcome to tribal council, Aatma, where one of you will be the sixth person voted out of Survivor: India- Reincarnation Island. 


Before we vote, I have some questions. 

Tamsyn: You guys put in a good effort on the flag, and came one point away from winning, but you still couldn't pull it off. However, do you think this shows that you guys can still make a comeback?

Hanna: Has a core alliance formed on this tribe?

Miles: As a tribe dwindles in numbers, there become fewer and fewer places to hide. Knowing this, do you think your name could be brought up for the vote tonight?

Grahame: When asked what's the strategy for the vote, one would normally say that they're voting based on what's best for the tribe, or based on who's better at challenges. But you guys have voted out both of your weak links, and yet Hara still wasn't beaten! Do you have to start looking at other criteria for the vote now?


Please vote using the parchment below. The votes will be due at 6 PM EST tomorrow. If you don't vote, you will receive a self-vote and a strike.