I have one last thing to explain, Survivors, and that is fillers. 

Since we couldn't fill up a full cast of 18, we added 2 fillers to the mix. Basically, fillers are characters that are made up by the hosts that play alongside you. 

Even though we, as the hosts, will know everything that goes on during the game, the fillers will only know what everyone tells them, so if Marie was playing, and lied to one of them about something, they wouldn't magically know that Marie was lying because I'm the host and I know. 

The two fillers this season are Hanna Sachiko and Emilee Penaluna. If you want to talk to either one of them, just message the hosting team's gmail and say, "I want to talk to Hanna" or "I want to talk to Emilee", and you can talk to them!