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• 10/14/2016

Twist Reveal!

Time to reveal this season's major twists! That's right, TWISTS, plural!

First of all, the simplest one of the bunch. This season, all eighteen of you will be living on the same beach. That's right, it's the One World twist! Regardless of what tribe you are on, you are allowed to speak to anyone.

Now, for the other twists...

As many of you may know, some of the major themes in both Buddhism and Hinduism are karma and reincarnation. In this season, both of these will play a part in the outcome; if you work hard, you may be “reincarnated” after you are voted off, and any of your decisions could come back to haunt you later on.

As you know, this season, there are three tribes, rather than the normal two. However, on this season, every round, only ONE tribe will win immunity, sending both of the other two tribes to tribal, where they will vote somebody off of their tribe. However, those that were voted off will not be sent home. Instead, they will be sent to Reincarnation Island, where they will face off in the “Duel of Destiny”. The loser of the duel of destiny is eliminated. The winner, however, will immediately re-enter the game, and, having been “reincarnated”, will begin a new life by choosing to join one of the other two tribes that they were not voted out of.

The reincarnated contestant will have a second decision to make, however. Before they officially re-enter, they must pick a random card out of a deck. These cards are known as the Karma Cards. Each of them gives the returning contestant the ability to give a person (or, in one or two cases, an entire tribe) a disadvantage in the game.

That is all that we have for you, Survivors! Your first challenge will take place tomorrow at 6 PM EST. For now, you have 24 hours to relax and socialize with your tribe members!
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Freddy Fazbear 102
• 10/15/2016



• 10/15/2016

6PM?! Great. 1 hour later than expected :( This'll be hard for me xD

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