We're currently flying above the country of India, a land of beautiful architecture, unique and gorgeous wildlife, beautiful landscapes, and immense culture.

However, it is also dangerous, with earthquakes and cyclones ravaging the landscape.

It is here with 18 castaways will begin the adventure of a lifetime!

They will be split up into 3 tribes.

The Shakti tribe, which will always wear orange, consists of...


Sami Kat, Melissa T., Bryce Bricington, Dreamer Amor, Gregory Wheeler, and Caleb Smythe!

The Hara tribe, which will always wear green, consists of...


Aishia Lawson, Danielle Robbins, Timmy Perry, Tyler Bernstein, Dylan Fourie, and Emilee Penaluna!

And finally, the Aatma tribe, which will always wear white, consists of...


Miles Horsetta, Tamsyn Hawkings, Grahame Holde, Nick Hand, Freddy Fazbear, and Hanna Sachiko! 

Congratulations to the 18 of you that were casted! The twist reveal will be up ASAP, but in the meantime, you'll all be added to the tribe chat!