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• 11/27/2017

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• 11/26/2016

Survivor: India Winner Reveal

Well, Melissa, Aishia, Danielle, you all have fought incredibly hard for these 39 days, but we have the results. I won't waste any more time, so for the final time... I will read the votes. Remember that these are votes for a WINNER.
First vote...

Second vote...

Third vote...

That's one vote for each of you.
Fourth vote...

Fifth vote...

We are tied, 2 votes Aishia, 2 votes Danielle, 1 vote Melissa. 3 votes remain, it takes four to win.
Sixth vote...

Seventh vote...
The winner of Survivor: India- Reincarnation Island...

Danielle shrieks in shock and joy, falling to her knees on the ground as tears fall down her face. She hugs Mel and Aishia as the rest of the castaways swarm around her, and breaks free from the group, running down the stage to hug her family members.
Well, it's been a crazy and dramatic season, and in the end, DANIELLE has come out on top! Congratulations to you, Danielle, after 39 long days, you are the WINNER!

The reunion blog will be up soon, and linked below! Thanks to everyone who took part in this fantastic season, we'll touch on our thoughts on everything at the reunion!
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• 11/25/2016

Aishia's Closing Statement

Well, I'm bidding farewell everyone!
Thank you for the questions and thank you for being civil with me. I'm not going to continue to plead one last time because everything I wanted to say I said already. Good luck Melissa and Danielle! I would appreciate if you guys voted for me, but I understand your reasoning if you can't bring yourself to do so because you don't like how I managed you when you left. I like each and everyone of you and hope there's no animosity once this is all over! 
Sincerly, hopeful conoseur of title Sole Survivor,
Aishia Lawson
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• 11/25/2016

Tyler's Jury Speech

Alright guys congrats on making it to Day 39 and of course the final three, it's a very hard thing to do so congrats. Let start off by saying I am a little bitter coming out of the game because I was misunderstood by you guys, whoever told Sami I wanted her gone was a complete bullshit lie I wanted to go to the end with her. Also the only reason I played my idol was because I thought you Aishia flipped on the original Hara and you didn't tell me you were voting Dylan so I got paranoid and played it. Ever the since the merge I wanted one person out so bad in this game and that name is Aishia. Huge threat, everyone knew that and my closest allie Danielle you knew that as well. We planned on getting her out together but yet I find out when I got voted out that you two were working together? Danielle I personally think you deserve to win this game no question after making the strong bonds with almost everyone on this jury by making them feel you are there number one or two allie. I like to give people chances to explain because this is still a huge part to this awesome and crazy game but anyway my questions....
To Both All Of You:
1. Why should the other two people win over you? Anaylze how they played there game and why do they or do not deserve the Sole Survivor prize
2. What was your thought process going into my vote and why did you want me out so bad besides hearing my name thrown around?
3. Why flip on me and boot me?
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• 11/25/2016

Dreamer's Jury Speech

Hello idiots, for some reason I am a part of giving you guys the million, and Idk why you didn't vote out Sami, but who gives a <explicit> ?

Anyway, Mel, Aishia, you two are bimbos, I am not voting either of you, why should female Russell Hantz or a person who more hair than brains win?

I am vote Danielle, okay? Goodbye <explicit>s
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• 11/25/2016

Grahame's Jury Speech

Good evening guys, as you probably all remember, I am Grahame, and tonight I was plannin' on knockin' your socks off with one hell of a speech but instead I decided that I'm just goin' to make a modge-podge of words and hope things turn out well. Before I begin, I'd like to congratulate all three of you for makin' it this far in the game and I truly feel that the three of you played three of the best games this season and I can't wait to get stuck in tonight. I must warn you though, I'm probably not gonna be goin' easy on any of y'all tonight so watch out.
Melissa, I'm goin' to start with you since I feel you are the easiest. Throughout this game, I probably knew you the least of everybody (except maybe Timmy) but even so, I could tell that you were playin' a great strategic game. You were able to form a really tight connection with one person (Danielle) and through her, you were essentially able to completely dismantle the majority alliance and you should be proud of that. Not only that but it's hard to deny that you were the fiercest competitor this season in challenges. I mean, you stayed up 24/7 sometimes just to secure the win and the fact that you were able to do all that while havin' such a busy schedule makes it an even better accomplishment. However, where you start to lose marks is your social game. After you were voted out the first time, from what I can tell you simply blamed it all on people holdin' prejudice against you from your first ORG with many of us and that was that. Throughout my time in this game, you never ONCE reached out to me before I reached out to you and the times I was able to get a hold of you were not pleasant times, to say the least. I always felt as though I was in an interrogation room with you where all you would do was either question me about "lyin' to you" or complainin' about how nobody feels sorry for you because you're bein' left out of every vote. You tried to make me, and many others too, feel bad for you over the fact that you were apparently "at the bottom" when in reality, it's really your own fault some people wouldn't fill you in. Forming relationships is a two-way street and you closed yourself off from too many people, which is really where you let your game down.
My question for you is: Was playin' the sympathy card a part of your strategy and if not, why would you try to do it?
Next up, Miss Danielle. Danielle, in this game, from my standpoint, you were by far my closest ally. You were really the only person that I truly connected with on a personal level and I will never forget some of the great, hilarious conversations we had. The thing is, not only did I feel you were my closest ally but you had me fooled that I was yours too, which was easily my biggest mistake in the game. I hate to say it Danielle, but I feel like you used me. I'm not sayin' our connection wasn't real but you cannot come out here and say you were upfront and honest with people when it comes to me. You led me on Danielle, you led me on really hard and it hurts. What really sucks is that I can't help but want to vote for you because you played such a phenomenal game! Almost every single person on the jury felt as though you were either their closest or second-closest ally before they were voted out which is quite an outstandin' feat. Not only that, but you were able to use all these connections so well in this game so that most people weren't even mad at you for votin' them out! People like Caleb were sayin' "I understand why you did it," which in my opinion really speaks to how impeccable of a social game you played. You truly had multiple options at every single vote and to top it all off, your name was rarely brought up for elimination! However, the one flaw I do see in your game is that you did play a little bit emotionally at times but since you've already talked about that with Sami, I'm not goin' to go into it.
My questions for you are: Why did you vote for me out when I showed you nothing but loyalty whereas you knew that Aishia had thrown your name under the bus before, and how genuine was your relationship with me because I'm beginnin' to question a lot about you.
Last and maybe least, Aishia. Oh Aishia, Aishia, Aishia, I thought I was the most delusional person in this game but after hearin' some of your answers tonight, I feel as though you might be takin' that title away from me. Before I get into that, though, let's look at some of the positive aspects of your game. You definitely had a lot of, if not, the most control over the majority of the game. You were able to get out the people you wanted to get out always which is hard to do (I know first hand with Dylan). Whenever somebody wanted to take you out, you were always able to find a way out of it which is impressive. Also, you excelled in many of the challenges, which like Melissa, shows that you were really dedicated to go far and win this game. Unfortunately, that's right about where I draw the line in terms of the positives. There are three huge flaws that I find in your gameplay, which are: makin' it too obvious that you were in control, not willin' to listen to people that weren't Danielle, and disregardin' the jury.
Firstly, makin' it too obvious you were in control. Even though you had a good grasp of the game, everybody knew that you had a good grasp on the game which was a mistake on your part. Tyler, Sami and even myself had all realised just how big of threat you were pretty early on and had you not have had Danielle to protect you, I don't think you would've made it past Top 7.
Next, you were so loyal to Danielle that you believed absolutely anythin' she said. Startin' at the Final 7 Tribal Council, Danielle wanted to take out Emilee, which was a smart move on her part. You seem to believe that this was a good move for you too since Emilee was apparently lyin' to you when in reality, she was nothin' but loyal to you. As soon as I told Emilee that your name was up for elimination, she ran straight to you to warn you, showin' her loyalty. Somehow, Danielle was able to trick you into thinkin' that this meant that Emilee was makin' up lies about you, causin' you turn on your most loyal ally. Then, after the vote, somebody (I assume Danielle) was able to convince you that I was the one that voted for you when in reality, I voted for SAMI (sorry Sami)! This allowed Danielle to get her way once again because you somehow thought that I was against you when I literally wanted to take you to the Final 3. This just furthered Danielle's chances and once again decreased your own.
Finally, and most importantly, your jury management (or in this case, lack thereof). Both you and Danielle had many connections with many people on the jury which speaks to your social games. The only difference is that when asked about Danielle, nobody was mad at her, but when it came to you, everyone seemed to be mad. Because you set yourself up as the leader of both alliances, it only makes sense for people to blame you for their departure! Plus, as Sami perfectly pointed out, you played extremely emotionally at times but when it came to the times where it would have been in your best interest to maybe treat people decently, you just voted them out without blinkin' an eye. In my case for example, you acted like a complete and utter bitch to me when I was eliminated. You made up this "master plan" to pretend you gave your idol to Danielle which had absolutely no strategic merit at all and makes me feel that you really wanted to rub some extra salt in the wound that you were able to vote me out! Now, I'm not lettin' that instance affect my decision at all but your overall poor management of the jury definitely will.
Despite everythin' I've said about you, this is just the opinion I have of you at this current moment in time. If you able to answer this next question well enough, I am more than open to change my opinion of you. So, my question to you is: Why am I wrong in my judgment of you? Plain and simple.
Thank you guys for such an amazing season and I wish all three of you the best tonight (and for the next day and a half). Once again, you three are all great players and I'll be waitin' patiently for your answers.
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• 11/24/2016

Sami's Jury Speech

Hello! Congrats to you all for making it this far. I've known you three for the longest in the game and I'm so proud that you all got here. I'm going to try my best to listen to each of you and to be fair with my questions and my judgement. These questions are my honest opinion and what I need to hear from you in order to cast my vote. With that, I wish you good luck, let's get started! ^_^
I have been on your tribe for a very long time, and I have easily known you the longest. Even though you probably would like to think I'm an evil shrew, I am not. Most of the things I said to you were truthful, not lies. Now, for your gameplay: I noticed in your speech you commented about how everybody kept betraying you and backstabbing you, and lying to your face. Well, Mel, I hate to break this to you, but that's part of the game. People lie. Even your best buddy Danielle lies. It's just something you have to do. The fact that you got backstabbed and betrayed so many times just proves that again and again, after every single round, you got outplayed and were out of the loop. I feel like the only reason you were ever in the majority was because Danielle pitied you and wanted to include you. I thought your strategical game was so nonexistent that, despite your physical game, you may as well have not been there at all. Your social game was even worse! Do you think, after all those insults and accusations about me, that I would vote for you? Absolutely not! And all those rants about me to my fellow jurors/friends? Do you think they respect you after that? Definitely not. I think it's very hypocritical that you can state how you think everyone else is being mean to you, especially me, when I've felt that you were even meaner to me, when I was just playing the game. You came after me as a person. Last tribal, you decided you were going to flop over and let Danielle win: Aishia can support me on this claim, because she heard it from your mouth. I don't support quitters or "giver-uppers" and I definitely think that there were gigantic, unsightly holes in your game that you really needed to fit the needs to be Sole Survivor. In order for you to get my vote, I need you to answer this question:
I need you to state 3 examples from the categories of social and strategical game where you didn't stink completely. I need to see how you may have actually played those aspects and didn't just leave them alone, because as far as i'm concerned you had 0 alliances and only one friend.  I dont need any personal insults from you while you answer these questions either.  Good luck!!!
I'll post Danielle's and Aishia's question's below when I have the time
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• 11/24/2016

Dylan's Jury Speech

Hey Aishia, Mel and Dan. Congrats on making it to the final 3.
Aishia- We met for the first time in Hara. You were very friendly towards me and when the merge hit you created the Hara 6 alliance with the original Hara members. I was very disappointed when you were the leader of the alliance that blindsided me at the final 10. I never imagined to survive 24 days. Every time someone comes to Pondarosa, your name pops up. You were in control of this game since day 1. My question for you is, why should I vote for you to win Survivor: India Reincarnation Island?
Mel- We first met at the merge when we talked for the first time. You were like the Hulk, SO FREAKING STRONG. the night before tribal, I chatted to Aishia and we planned on taking you out, however when you won II I had to chance my plan and try to take out Grahame because of some personal issues back in the swapped Shakti. My question for you is, why should I vote for you to win Survivor: India Reincarnation Island?

Dan- When I first met you, you were a very friendly person in the pre-merge phase. I still remember that we all formed an alliance called the Hara 6, which quickly fell during the merge when I was vote out, Tyler was voted out, Emilee voted out and when Timmy got medically evacuated from the game. I don't have much to say to you but my question to you is, why should I vote for you to become the winner of Survivor: India Reincarnation Island?
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• 11/24/2016

Emilee's Jury Speech

Hey girls...
Danielle and Melissa, I love and respect both of you, but I only have to talk to Aishia tonight.
Aishia, it hurts to say this.  I don't want to be bitter and hurt your feelings but I just... I need to get this off my chest.
The start of this game feels like so long ago, but I'm sure you remember our first conversation.  I was prttty much having an inner panic attack, I had no idea what I was doing, and you were there to help me.  I'm just gonna say this right now, I'm an awkward human being! (laughs) I don't connect well with other people. But with you, Aishia, I felt like I had made a true friend.  And from the start of this game I was loyal to you and I thought - no, I KNEW - that you would be loyal to me too. You were my best friend out here, you helped me when I was vulnerable, and I trusted you with everything.
But-but... looking back... maybe I misjudged our relationship.
(Emilee pauses to compose herself). 
The final 7 round was a total mess, we all know that. I didn't even know what was going on half the time.  But a few minutes before we had to go to tribal, I remember being told by Grahame that you might be the target (and maybe I misinterpereted the comment but that's beside the point). I ran up to you, 5 minutes before the votes were read and risked throwing everything into even more craziness because I couldn't POSSIBLY vote you off, not my best friend!
5 minutes later, I was out of the game. It was only later when I realized that you had voted me out. My best friend had betrayed me, just like that!
And then, hearing you say at tribal tonight that I was trying to "stir stuff up", when all I had done was try to help you... it hurt, Aishia.  I didn't want to leave this game feeling betrayed, I didn't want to be mad at anyone. I tried my hardest, but it stung, it really did. I couldn't help but wonder if you had just been using me this entire time. All I wanted in this game was to make my family proud of me and as this game went along, you helped me feel more confident in myself, like I was acheiving my goal, but now I just feel like an idiot! I thought I'd made a friend for life, but it seems like I've just made a fool of myself.
I still really want to vote for you, Aishia. I want to vote for you because you helped me so much on day 1, because you were my best friend, because I promised you that I'd always be by your side and I want to follow through with that... but I don't know if I even made that promise to the real Aishia, or someone who was just using me for a vote.
(tearing up)
I just have one question for you: was our relationship REAL? Did it matter to you? That's all I want to know so that I can make peace with this ridiculous game...
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• 11/24/2016

Caleb's Jury Speech

[to be edited]
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• 11/24/2016

Melissa's Jury Speech

[To be edited]
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• 11/24/2016

Aishia's Jury Speech

Hello jurors! I just want to begin in part of saying I am so grateful for this experience to play this game. I am a huge fan of Survivor, and have been since a young age. To finally get another opportunity to play this game and to have made it so far is just such an overwhelming accomplishment for me personally, and i’m so proud of how far i’ve come. I sit here tonight with the sole intention to prove to you all why I deserve this title of Sole Survivor. The two contenders I sit with tonight are Danielle and Melissa. These two girls have been friends to me in this game, and at some moments - not the greatest friends. But through thick or thin, we managed to make it to the final three together. Now comes the part in my game where I have to lay my game on the table, explain every move, and hope to persuade you folks why that title should go to me. I wish all these girls the best of luck, and plead you be nice to both of them because they've been through a lot and are some of the most genuine people I know.
Okay! Time for my speech. So, starting off on this game I had a lot to think about. I’ve been out of the game for about a year now - and -boom- I get another shot at it. I knew I might have a target on my back because my game had been laid out on the table from another season. All my moves and strategy could already be known and found to anyone. That is why I had to evolve and play differently. I knew I couldn't get away with playing the same Aishia Lawson who placed 8th, I had to be the Aishia Lawson who wasn't afraid to change the pattern and do something different. I decided to do this by not just sticking with one group - and ranging the spectrum. I was placed on Hara, and I quickly found myself in love with these wonderful people. Dylan, Timmy, Tyler, Danielle, and Emilee were my tribe mates. However, there were many other bonds and relationships cross tribe to be made. I met Bryce, Caleb, Hanna, Dreamer, Tamsyn, Grahame, just to name them. I had a pretty good feeling at the start. In our very first challenge, I was dedicated to the purpose of winning. I rallied up our tribe, and kept us all motivated. I remember we had an assembly line going of posters, and I'd make sure to alert everyone the moment it was time for them to post. I encouraged and made sure we were all on task and getting first. And... We won the challenge! I was so proud of my tribe.
Then the second challenge, I more than enough carried my weight in the challenge, it was I think a geography challenge, and I got the highest score. I was so shocked because sometimes I forget the capitol of my own state. Somehow though, we as a group pull through strong and we win again. Then at our third challenge, I single-handedly win it for the tribe! My flag making skills paid off saving our squad for the 3rd vote in a row. I knew this was a necessary win for us because I wanted to go as long as I could in the game immune. That was one of my proudest moments in the game was my own creation protecting the sanctity of our group.
At the swap, I had to endure so many trials. Voting someone out, then having them return and give me a disadvantage. Then, on my own tribe we were about to send me into a Tie Breaker versus Dreamer, - but Tyler forgot to vote so I had to last minute change my mind. Through swindling and convincing, I survive two votes where I could have easily been outed had it not been for the relationships I had built in the game prior. Once the merge came around - I found myself in a state where I had a nice built up bonds with nearly every player left in the game. I felt I had control entirely of the game. I remember knowing that Dreamer and Sami had some feud. I thought, oh wow.. wonderful. I guess that means people will be taking sides, or something like that, right? So I exploited that in order to take charge and go under the radar, getting one of the two out. I fed safety into Dreamer’s ear, ensuring her numbers and promising her safety. I rallied along with my alliance - 10 folks voted Dreamer. I had to make sure that vote was 100% airtight. The next vote, I gracefully won immunity. (Damn Unicorns!) The vote was intended to go one way, but the second I received word that Caleb was coming for Sami and myself, I shifted gears on the *new* target. I had to take initiative. Nobody was going to get away with targeting my alliance. I once again lead the charge to have Caleb voted off. Messaging everyone an explanation, and a 9-2-1 vote where my biggest threat to my game was sent walking out the door. The next vote was absolutely a challenge. I had been playing both sides and had the choice of going with Hara for a vote - and we send a player home, or making a move and showing everyone that loyalties with Hara were not as tight.
Taking out Dylan made me a more open player. It really proved I was not afraid to make moves, which I never have been afraid to make a move but this realy ensured so. Dylan’s vote granted more trust in my current alliance, and also lead the opportunity for more bonds to be built. The following day, I hear Tyler has been trying to come after me. So I spent hard work, time, and dedication into winning immunity and making sure I would not be voted off. I played into his desires, leading him along that I was with him. But in reality Tyler was the victim of that vote. Another vote I was totally in charge of. I knew it was either cut throat or have my throat be cut. The next cycle was incredibly hard. I knew a target had been marked on my back - and I had to win immunity. I was put into a challenge where I had to reveal game and strategy and my voice. But I threw my name under the bus, which in the end worked out in my favor as I was granted immunity. Definitely needed after how big of a threat I was painted to be from the challenge. That vote however, I could not vote. My goal in that vote was to give my vote to someone who I knew would be voting how I wanted. I gave my vote to Danielle, and convinced her my vote would be going to Tamsyn, which she followed through with. After that, there remained 7 players in the game. That vote was the most insane i’d experienced. I discovered that Emilee had been spreading lies to different players, and that my name might be written. In a shocking twist, Emilee was the person who had to be voted out that night. She was a close ally of mine - but so much miscommunication and distrust leads one to take action. I had to take out anyone who was targeting me, and I succeeded. After that, sadly Timmy got evacuated, which was disappointing for my game because Timmy was someone I had really gotten close with and I felt deserved to make it farther because of how close I had gotten to know him and his philosophy on the game was near mine. I’m disappointed he is not on the jury because he was a fan of the game and I knew he was missing out on the jury phase.
Finale arrives, and it’s time to make a real game changing move. Who do I want to take to the end with me? There is 4 people whom are all fighting for that title just as equally as I am, but only 3 will make it. Grahame - Grahame lied to me. He said he was with me and I knew he was actually against me. I felt betrayed - because I had never written his name down prior - nor lead any vote to do so. That’s when I knew I had to pull out the idol that I had been saving nearly the entire merge. The Aishidol, that I had to keep a secret from most of my friends. By the way the answer was Julie McGee. People had already theorized I had it, but I came up with a convinient plan to make Grahame think Danielle was the real person who had it. I played it knowing I did not need it - but proving that I wasn’t going to let him land a vote on me. I feel bad because he had been such a close ally for so long - but at the end of the day it wasn't who shot first, we both took charge at each other at the same time. Taking him out was smart for my game however because he was above average at challenges, and if anyone stood in the way of the final immunity, it’d be him. My plan had been all along for Melissa to get the final immunity. Which is why I threw my competition. I knew Melissa was someone I could trust - and who had said she would not vote me. Once it was clear that Melissa had won the FIC - the most difficult vote ever ensued. I was tasked voting out 1 of my 2 friends. Sami or Danielle. It was back and forth for literally like 9 hours. You can ask the hosts - I switched that vote at least 10 times. Originally I voted Danielle because I felt she was a huge threat to win this game, but at the revote. I went with my loyalty over strategy because Danielle and I had built such an intense relationship over the season and I could not bare to see her voted off. I felt so sad Sami had to be the victim of a revote. Especially because I told her that i'd make it a tiebreaker. But Danielle and I had a really personal talk and I was rushed with emotions and kept Danielle safe. I do not regret that.. (yet I guess..) because Danielle really deserved to be here. We promised each other final 3 this entire game, and I needed a reality check to remind me just how great of friends we really are.
All in all, my game was incredibly strategy based, with some room left for emotional decisions. (Exempt the F4 tribal, that was strategy -> emotional). I understand I might have been perceived as cold and merciless in vote offs, lying and bloodthirsty to advance. But I did actions so I did not have to deal with the emotional and moral weight being put on me for doing those actions. I was voted “most strategic player” and “most likely to win this game if not stopped”. There has been a target on my back this entire season. There was people coming after me - and I had to cut them loose. I survived this season by the relationships I made, the actions and words I spoke, and the moves I made and conducted at the end of the day. Every single juror out there I had planned and worked on sending home, even at Grahame’s vote I set a backup vote Sami’s way incase there was an idol play - but I still was the one who directed the charge. There was so much thinking, strategy, and involvement I had built up. I just ask that you not be bitter about how you were taken out of this game. I did what I had to do to keep moving forward, surviving, and guarenteeing myself this covited spot in the final 3. I truly felt I played a game that was resilient, overcoming, and truly an underdog story. Odds were against me from the get-go. I had to on day one become the social and likable person - talking to everyone. I became someone people all trusted and wanted to keep around. I did not expect to make it this far, time and time again I had opportunity to be taken out. The relationships I made helped me get my way, up until the very last breath i’ve been fighting to make it here. I fought hard to get here, and I think I truly fought hard enough to win this game. This is the end result i’ve been waiting for this entire game. I know there is some jury that may harbor bitter feelings towards me and waiting to disassemble my game and come at me out of pure emotion, but I tell you right now that my game had all the qualifications of a sole survivor whether you enjoy that or not. I outsmarted , I outplayed, and I outlasted.
I was responsible for every vote, I had 2 karma cards and hinders thrown in my game. I had all of the stakes built up against me but I never quit, I never stopped fighting, and I made it here. I played my cards right, I feel played my game excellent to the best I could offer, and I did every move with the intent of moving forward and keeping my friends safe. I kept people I needed for rounds, and protected those who were voting my way. I know there is a lot of grudge against me, and people are already willingy ready to vote another way. But do not turn away so quickly, hear me out and listen to my plead. For tonight's vote I truly hope you can respect my game for what it is, understand, and I wish you all the best of luck when you cast your vote. Thank you for listening to my speech and I cannot wait to answer your questions. Thank you so much if you stuck through this incredibly massive text read.

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• 11/24/2016

Danielle's Jury Speech

Hi, guys!
Let me just say, right off the bat, I don't want to bash Aishia or Melissa tonight - they both played really amazing games, and if you vote for either of them, I'll be happy for them because they deserve it.  Good luck, you two!
I still can't believe I'm here, to be honest.  I came into this game thinking, "Oh, I'll just play up the character of this crazy old lady into conspiracies and aliens and not take things seriously".  And for the first few days, as I'm sure a lot of people can attest to (especially Grahame, we literally called ourselves the Oddball Alliance xD), I was pretty crazy and just enjoying myself and making friends.  But once the first swap happened, I really snapped into the game and started playing, and I think that's also the point when I made really strong bonds with people like Sami/Melissa/Aishia, among others.   Then when the merge hit, and I actually realize, "Oh my gosh, I have a chance to win this thing!".  After that, I had more determination than anything to reach this point at the final three.  And, well, somehow it worked, and I'm here asking for your vote before you today.
I don't want to sound corny, but I really did grow so much during this experience.  There's so much I'm gonna take with me into the real world after this, and so much I've learned about the human experience as a whole.  I learned a lot about myself and how I act under stress, how I value honesty versus strategy, how I deal with keeping secrets, and how I can juggle the friendships I made with so many of you guys.  None of that stuff was fake or strategic, y'all are genuinely cool people that I loved to get to know.  Trust me, if there was the option for a Final 10, I would've taken it!
In the end, I understand some of you are probably mad at me for some of the things I did to you in the game, and I totally get that.  At the same time, I'm really proud of the game I played.  I feel like I balanced a strong social game with making moves, and even after I was labeled as "Most Social Player" and "Person Really in Control of the Game" I was able to go under the radar without receiving a vote (not counting the Black Vote) up until the final four.  I also voted for each and every one of you, meaning I voted for the person who went home every cycle.
Anyway, I'm not gonna ramble on about all the stuff I did since I figure I'm boring y'all enough as it is, and I'd love to get straight to answering your questions and hearing you guys out in this important decision you have to make.  No matter what happens, though, I can't wait for us to crack open a virtual champagne bottle and have a good laugh over this game once it's all over.  So cheers to such an extraordinary experience!
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• 11/23/2016

The Final Tribal Council

Melissa, Danielle, Aishia... welcome to your Final Tribal Council.

Let's bring in the jury...

Dreamer, Caleb, Dylan, Tyler, Tamsyn, Emilee, Grahame... and Sami, who was voted out at the last tribal council.
Well, Melissa, Aishia, Danielle, first off, congratulations! You have done what 15 others in this game could not do- survive 19 votes and make it to day 39.
For most of this game, you have had your fate in your own hands, but tonight, that will change. The power now shifts to the jury, a group of 8 people who you have all had a hand (either directly or indirectly) in voting out. These 8 people will now decide your fate in this game, as they will be voting for who they most want to see WIN.
Here's how this will work: each of you will create your own thread and make an opening statement to the jury as to why you deserve to win the title of Sole Survivor (and to the jury, we ask that you please wait to post your speeches until all 3 finalists are done with their's).
Once the finalists have posted their speeches, the jury may make their own threads to post their speeches. They may ask questions and make any comments they would like to make to help them decide who they want to see win.
Since the FTC is going to run into Thanksgiving we're going to be giving you guys until FRIDAY to send in your jury votes, so you have three entire days to deliberate and decide who you are voting for. The vote reveal and reunion will take place on Saturday!

You guys may post your opening speeches whenever you're ready, and we'll begin!
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• 11/23/2016

Tribal Council #14 (Ganesha) - Results!

I have all of the votes, so I will now read them!
First vote..."

Second vote...

Third vote...

That's 2 votes for Sami, 1 vote for Danielle, 1 vote left...
The nineteenth person voted out and the eighth and final member of our jury, is...

NOBODY- YET! The vote is tied!

Here's how this will work. Melissa and Aishia, I will give the two of you an opportunity to PUBLICLY change your vote to either Sami or Danielle, and if the two of you can come to a unanimous decision to boot one of them, they will become the final member of our jury. If you choose to keep your votes the same, however, then Sami and Danielle will go into a fire making tiebreaker to decide who will go home, and who will make it to the final tribal council. I'll leave it up to you two to decide.
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• 11/22/2016

Tribal Council #14- Ganesha

Welcome to tribal council, Ganesha, where one of you will be the 20th person voted out of Survivor: India- Reincarnation Island. 

Before we vote, I have some questions for you.
Melissa: Congratulations on your FIFTH immunity win, and a guaranteed shot at the final 3. Do you think you have a good shot at winning over the jury? Are you proud of the game that you've played?
Sami: Only one more person will be voted out before the FTC. Why should it NOT be you?
Danielle: Is it difficult to vote someone out after playing with them all for so long?
Aishia: Is the biggest jury threat going to be leaving tonight?

Please vote using the parchment below. The votes will be due at 4:00 PM EST tomorrow, although if you can get them in earlier it'd be much appreciated so that we can read the votes early. You know the deal by now, if you don't vote, you will receive a self-vote and a strike.
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• 11/22/2016

Final Immunity Challenge- Results!

After a long challenge, we have our winner...

Since no one is able to catch up with her, congratulations Melissa! After holding on to that idol for nearly FOURTEEN HOURS (which is insane by the way, major props for that!) you have won the final immunity challenge and are GUARANTEED a spot in the final 3, and a shot to plead your case to the jury as to why you deserve to win the game.
Aishia, Danielle, Sami- one of you three will become the eighth and final member of our jury tonight.

You guys can head back to camp, I will post Tribal Council ASAP.
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• 11/22/2016

Final Immunity Challenge - Sami

You may start whenever you want!
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• 11/22/2016

Final Immunity Challenge - Danielle

You may start whenever you want!
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• 11/22/2016

Final Immunity Challenge - Melissa

You can start whenever you want!
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